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Mining Gold Farming Felslate mining route 300-500 ores/hour+ BOE and Cloth Unknown spot
(09-12-2016, 02:49 PM)Phoen1x Wrote:
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This is a rarely mined spot which a lot of miners ignore and focus on mining in Felsoul hold killing Basilisks.
If you have blacksmithing with this, you can easily make the armbands used in Obliterium forge quest
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and make quite a bit of gold. So, I am bringing you guys 2 spots to farm them today, one is a chill spot which requires no killing and you get around 300-400 Felslate per hour, other spot requires you to kill basilisks and mine this has a higher gold per hour yeild.

Spot #1

You can get around 300-400 Felslate/hour with this route.
Here is an Imgur album showing the path:

All the info about the path is given in the image above and it should be pretty much self-explanatory.

Spot #2
You get around ~425 felslate/hour killing basilisks and entering the 2 caves nearby. Plus you can get BoE drops, ancient mana items (selling for ~200g/each, get around 10-15 an hour = 2400 g/h), around 500g in cloth mats drop (from shoulder enchant scavenging), ~600g in trash items.

The details for this route is given at the bottom of the imgur album, read it for the most efficient farming route.

The credit for sharing these little-known spot goes to Reddit users on woweconomy.
lets see if this works Smile
Thank you for post

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