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Medivh, the x1 Warmane Burning Crusade Realm Is Live Now!
Medivh: Warmane's TBC x1 Private Server
Medivh is a second TBC (Burning Crusade) server from Warmane. It started with Outland and after a huge success (13 thousand online players and many in queue), and Warmane announced more hard-core version of it under the name Medivh. Unlike Outland, this realm is x1.
As warmane has previously mentioned, it wanted to gauge the level of interest in the BC Epac and the demand for a Lordaeron-esque realm. The results have been greater than warmane ever expected and therefore it proceed with what warmane promised. It has been a few exhilarating days for its team and warmane has done its very best to maintain its high standards of stability and performance on Outland and create a fun gameplay environment. 

With this in mind and the demand shown for the Burning Crusade realm, warmane decided to open another realm. The realm's design can be found below:
a. x1 rates across the board.
b. Limited marketplace with no gear.
c. The realm will be progression based.
d. Challenging hardcore raid content.

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