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Mats farm Reliable and underused WoW Gold Farming spot 15-20k gold per hour
thank you , i will check it out & post my findings Smile
thank you very much
I need that link
thanks for the info o/
Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for sharing this, really good guide :-)
Thank you for the guide. Very much appreciate it.
Cool nice find!!
Nice man! hope ill do more
thank al;ot for this
Thanks man, good work as usual
Thanks, let's see it
Thanks for the guide!
(10-17-2016, 06:31 AM)Phoen1x Wrote:
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On the far east coast of Stormheim, there are packs of Coastal Seagulls. These are low health mobs that have a very reliable chance of dropping
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. You can see their location here 
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You run along the coast, where the straight line of spawn points are, and kill the packs one by one. They respawn usually within 1-2 minutes, so keep going up and down this coast line.

The seagulls are very hard to reach as a melee character, so I would strongly recommend a character with low/non CD AoE spells (Like Shadow Priest or Balance Druid).

Where this spot shines is that you can farm this with several characters at the same time. If you are all in separate parties, you all get to loot the mobs and get equal amounts of gold. Remember to tag every single mob with low damage spells, then burst them down.

These eggs are frequently selling in my server for ~15g each. I was able to farm about 1000 eggs an hour, which equals about 15 000 gold per hour. This is, of course dependent on the price of Wildfowl Eggs on your server. Note this is server dependent so do not farm them if the price for it on your server is 

Hope you guys can take use of this!
Thanks for the tip !

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