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Massive List of Vanilla WoW/Classic WoW Addons 1.2.1 Ready to Download
This page is the only thing you'll ever need to find any and all addons that are made for Classic WoW or backported to be compatible to it with download links.

Abraxas - Warlock Helper [Img1]
ActionBarProfiles - stores your action bar layout and enables to quickly switch between them [Img1]
ActionBarSaver - Saves and restores your action bars [Img1]
ActionMirroringFrame - Display a frame showing used actions [Img1]
Altoholic Vanilla - Provides information about your alts [Img1]
Atlas - an UI mod allowing for loot tables of bosses to be browsed [Img1]
ABreathBeneath - a "re-skin" of the Blizzard's nameplates [Img1]
Aero - Adds animations to frames [Img1]
Accountant - tracks your incoming / outgoing cash [Img1]
aDF - will show your target's current armor and a few selected debuffs of your choice [Img1] [Img2]
_AntInvite - block invitation of people under level 15 [Img1]
AuldLangSyne - combines the functions of CT_PlayerNotes and FriendsFacts
AutoDot - addon for warlocks who wants one button for all dots
Autohump - Hump your friends all day long!
AutoSell - It sells Gray and White items that are not blacklisted
AutoShot - Automatically take screenshots
Aux - Overhaul auction house interface [Vid1]
AuxMerchantPrices - Adds merchant prices to tooltips
AdvancedTradeSkillWindow - replacement for Blizzards tradeskill window [Vid1]
AddOnOrganizer - This mod allows you to turn on and off all of you'r current addons [Img1]
agUnitFramesImproved - Customizable unit frame addon [Img1]
AntiSpamStopCast - addon to prevent cancelling of fresh spell casts when mashing the button
ArchiTotem - Totem bar and Timers [Img1]
AuctionAltBuy - Alt-Click auctions to buy and cancel instantly
Auctionator - A lightweight addon designed to help manage auctions [Img1]
Auctioneer - Displays item info and analyzes auction data [Img1]
AuctionHelper - helps you transfer items through the neutral auction house [Img1]
AuctionLink - allows you to search for items in the AH by shift-clicking them
AuctionSearchTimer - Timer that shows when you can refresh the AH [Img1]
AutoProfit - Easy sell trash to vendor WoW addon
AutoMessage - Allows automatic sending of a message to a channel at an interval specified by a user [Img1]
Automaton - Reduces interface tedium by doing the little things for you [Img1]
AutoBar - automatically adds potions, water, food, quest and other items you specify into buttons for easy use [Img1]
Avbars - Graphical Timers for Events in AV and AB
Attack - Enable attack with /attack
AttackBar - Player and Enemy Swing Timer addon [Img1]
Addons for Vanilla - All the most needed addons (Last updated: 12 May 2018)
BattleShoutGlow - add a retail-like glow to battle shout as reminder [Dep] [img1]
BananaBar - buttons to set raid symbols/huntersmark, target by symbol and many other features [Img1]
BearCastBar - A cool cast bar and swing timer that takes into account latency [Img1] [Img2]
BetterScoreFrame - Better Battlefield Score Frame
BigBrother - addon to spy on your guild mates with! [Img1]
BigWigs - Predicts certain AI behaviour [Img1]
BetterAlign - creates a grid on your screen to aid you in aligning and centering your UI [Img1]
BetterBabelFish - Better bable talk between factions or not... whatever you like
BetterCharacterStats - More useful character statistics addon [Img1]
BGReport - shows HUGE pie-like menu with predefinied macros when you're in battleground zone [Vid1]
Bongos - Creates customized action bars [Vid1]
BuffBlock - Automatically removes selected buffs
BuffCounter - a frame that shows you either how many buffs you can still get or how many you have currently [Img1]
BuffReminder - Reminds the player when buffs have or will soon expire [Img1] [Img2]
BuyPoisons - Buy Stacks of Poison Components
BonusScanner - Scans your equipment for cumulative bonuses like additional spell damage and sums them up
BossAlert - alert the guild and play a sound once something spawns under your mouse
BlackList - is like Ignore, except unlimited
BlizzMo - will move any Blizzard Frame and all your Bags
BlizzardPlates - adds cast bars, class and rank icons, debuffs and health numbers on the default blizzard nameplates [Img1]
Bloodrage - Provide a single button to put you in the "default" stance and activate Bloodrage
Boldi's addons - tweaks to boldi's addons
BSAlert - Notifies you when BattleShout is not up
Capslock - Warlock summon addon
CasterStats - CasterStats, adds the attribute Spell Dmg in the Character Panel (with hit & crit) [Img1]
CallOfElements - simplify totem usage and increase your efficiency in party and in PVP [Img1]
CallToArms - Group Hosting, Finding Addon [Fu] [Vid1]
CatDruidDPS - One button feral druid dps
ChaosReserves - Self-service reserve managing chatbot
CharacterMap - Provides a virtual keyboard of higher-ASCII and Unicode characters which can be inserted into chat boxes
ChroniclesBuffAssignments - Automatically generates raid buff assignments that can be copy pasted in the chat
ChroniclesPI - Cast Power Infusion on people who request it via whisper
ChroniclesPTR - Gamemaster raid organization on PTRs
Chronometer - tracks spell effects (HoTs, DoTs, buffs, debuffs, etc.) that you cast [Img1] [Img2]
Cartographer - is a modular, lightweight, and efficient framework for manipulation of the world map [Vid1]
Cartographer Mining - Mining Module
Cartographer Minimap Coords - Minimap Coordinates Module
Cartographer Treasure - Treasure Module
Cartographer Herbalism - Herbalism Module
Cartographer Data - Data Import Module for Mining, Herbalism, Treasure
Caterer - Auto-trades preset stack counts of water & food to players opening trade [Img1]
ColorGuildFrame - Xperl functions for colouring the guild and who tabs [Img1]
ColorPickerPlus - Hooks into the standard Color Picker to provide text entry for colors
ColorSocialFrame - Class Color Friends, Guild and Who List addon [Img1]
Cooline - cooldown mod that displays icons on a single bar/line to give you an idea of when it will be ready [Img1]
CooldownTimers - scans your spellbook/inventory for skills/items that are in cooldown and add them to bars [Img1]
Clique - Simply powerful click-casting interface [Alt]
ClassicMacros - Bringing retail macro commands to classic
ClassicSnowFall - Cast Abilities on KeyDown
ClassicMouseover - Mouseover casting support for Vanilla
Classicaddons - Repository with a massive amount of AddOns (Last updated: 21 May 2016)
ClassPortraits - replaces 2D portraits with a class icon [Img1]
CMap - Backport of SexyMap [Img1]
CEPGP - is an Effort/Gear reward system [Img1]
Cleanup - This addOn automatically stacks and sorts your items [Vid1]
CleverMacro - Adds extra slash commands for use in macros
CCWatch - Enemy CC & DR progress bars with icons [Img1]
Chatsuey - A collection of chat enhancement addons [Read]
Crafty - Lightweight craft/tradeskill window [Img1]
Crapfilter - Blocks messages
CT BuffMod Sorted - A quick edit of CT BuffMod to sort buffs properly
CThunWarner - Provides information for C'Thun raids [Img1]
CT UnitFrames - Changes display of hp/mana values and adds a percentage
CDFrames - Cooldown timers for player, target and targettarget [Img1]
ChatParse - parses the chat for given keywords
ChatSanitizer - For a good clean chat experience [Img1]
CustomNameplates - Nameplate addon [Img1] [Img2]
CensusPlus - records details about the characters online on your faction's side at the time of the polling [Img1]
ChatEmote - Chat emoticon to Emote Addon
ChatLog - Gives you the ability to view or copy/paste any chat logs [Img1]
CLog - API events logging [Img1]
CloseUp - Allows you to zoom, reposition, and rotate the UI's built-in models so that you may get a better view
Channel monitor - addOn for monitoring the chat for specific keywords [Img1]
ChatFix - Fix for channels World, Trade, etc. [Img1]
ChatBar - Button Bar for openning chat messages of each type [Img1]
cyCircled - changes the look of various buttons (mostly action bar buttons) [Img1]
DankScore - a tool to choose the best items for your spec/gear
Dank-addon-pack - addon pack designed with a minimalist approach
DebuffFilter - Filter out specific target debuffs and player buffs into a separate frame [Img1] [Img2]
DebuffTimers - Timer Overlays for enemy buffs and debuffs [Img1] [Img2]
DebuffListCheck - reporting to everyone using the addon which important debuffs are or are not applied [Img1]
DevilsHunters - creates a BigWigs timer when a Devilsaur dies and tries to pick the correct location
DiivSkins - will "paint" auxiliary images onto the two dimensional pane of your user interface [Img1]
DiscordActionBars - Spreads your base 120 action buttons across 10 configurable bars
DispelBorder - Shows highlight border around enemy magic buffs [Img1]
Distance - shows how far your target is away, based on the spell ranges your class has [Img1]
Distance - allows you to see the distance you ran, and the current speed [Img1]
Doomed - (DOOM UI) is for fans of the classic shooter Doom [Img1]
DouseReminder - Prints a reminder to douse runes in Molten Core to officer chat
DoTimer - is a vastly sophisticated DoT tracking addon [Img1]
DPEPGP - De Profundis EP/GP Loot System
DPSMate - combat analyzation tool [Fu] [Img1] [Discord]
DragonOverlay - DragonOverlay for pfUI target frame [Img1]
DruidManaBar - Displays a mana bar when shapeshifted [Img1]
Decursive - Its job is to help a class that can remove debuffs [Vid1]
ExpandAssist - enabling the raid assist to do the same as an raid leader
ExoRaidSetup - allows a raid to share graphical representations of boss pulls [Img1]
EzPoison - Rogue Poison Helper [Img1] [Img2]
EasyCloak - Automagically equip Onyxia Scale Cloak when entering Nefarian's Lair [Vid1]
EasyRess - Simplifies chain ressing and drinking
EasyLoot - addon to simplify raid loot distribution
Egnar - Show a range indicator for hunters [Img1]
ElvUI - User Interface replacement [Img1] [Img2] [Discord]
EQCompare - Compare equipped inventory items against items in chatframe hyperlink and bags/bank [Img1]
EQL3 - A reskinned Extended Quest Log addon inspired by TukUI [Img1]
EquipColor - colors unequippable items red in the inventory [Img1]
ETL - Exp Per hour/time til level addon [Img1]
EngBags - single bag / bank, the bank's remote viewing (auto-sorting, etc.) [Img1] [Img2]
EnemyFrames - display enemy players on BGs [Img1] [Img2] [Read]
EngInventory - AutoSorting Inventory Replacement
EVTCalendar - Event Calendar AddOn [Img1]
EavesDrop - A simple combat log that displays events [Img1]
eUI - is a small collection of interface addons [Img1]
ElkBuffBar - Tries to sort buffs into categories with pretty colors (Fails sometimes) [Img1]
eePanels - Create and modify background panels in your WoW UI
EPGPexport - Effort Points/Gear Points Loot System export tool
EzDismount - Dismounts you whenever "Cannot use while mounted" appear
EZ-EPGP - Displays EP/GP ratio in neat frame that can be sorted by clicking on headers [Img1]
FocusFrame - Provides focus targeting & frame support [Img1]
FocusFrame TargetCastbar - Adds an extra castbar for your current target
FelwoodGather - helps you and your team mate with felwood fruit gathering, location and timer management
Fisher - Rogue Poison charges in bar form [Img1]
FishingBuddy - Help with fishing related tasks
FuBar BuffLeecherFu - FuBar-2.0 Plugin that logs you out once you get Onyxia or ZG buff
FuBar ElysiumPopulationFu - fubar plugin to show how many people are online
FuBar_InstanceReset - Keep track of your instance resets
Fubar PossessionsFu - FuBar plugin for Possessions addon
FuBar ToFu - Flight time recorder
FuBar ZepMaster - ZepShipMaster FuBar Plugin
Fury - end game raiding addon to make Warrior combat easier
FriendFinder - An addon that helps you find your old friends from other servers!
Gatherer - track the closest plants, deposits and treasure locations on you minimap [Img1] [Img2]
Gamepad - Simplifies using abilities when using gamepad
GamonKillTimer - never miss a gamon kill again!
GCGambler - (Gentlemens Club Gambler) gambling addon [Img1]
GemtRotations - 1-button rotations for various classes + some helper functions
Gearmenu - addon for switching between items and keybinding them [Img1]
GetMouseOver - A lightweight mouseover addon with some target choosing logics

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Continued in second post below....

I have written over 350+ guides for World of Warcraft on this forum. 
If my content has helped you and you wish to support me, please check the Donate option on the top of the site menu.
GFW FeedOMatic - Helps a Hunter keep his pets well fed (and the food in his inventory under control)
HawkenPlates - Nameplate based on Hawken (Mech FPS Game) [Img1]
HCSpy - Find out who is using Luna unit Frames or HealComm!
HonorSpy - collects all the honor/rank info on all players you met and shows it [Img1]
HordeIronfoe - Ironfoe speech impediment repairer for Horde
HotBotPanel - Helpful panel for keeping hots up on Sapphiron [Img1]
HealComm - Visual representation of incoming heals [Img1]
HealingAssignments - Make easy and fast Healing Assignments, post them in class-colors! [Fu] [Img1]
HideNamePlates - Hides nameplates based on unitnames [Img1] [Img2]
HideUI - Hides the icons at the end of the action bars [Img1]
HunterPaging - changes your action bar based on range
HunterSwissKnife - provides hunters with a set of useful things [Img1] [Img2]
IBDF - addon to control what mages cast
IdAddon - does everything I wouldn't want to play without [Img1]
IdQuestAutomation - Skips social dialogue, automates quest accepting/turning in
IdWarlockDeleteShards - Deletes Soul Shards above a set amount (5 by default)
IgnoreMore - allows you to ignore more players than the default UI allows you to
Ignoreplayer - filters all the messages by performing keyword match check [Img1]
IMBA - several unique functions for coordination raid, develop tactics and its display in visual form for all raid [Img1]
IMDead - Plays an audio file when you die and lvlup
ImprovedIgnore - Improved functionality for ignore
Impulse-booster - mainly improves UI loading speed for pre-WotLK clients and sometimes improves performance
Inspect - debug pretty print
Interruptor - Interrupt announcer
InventorySale - Converts inventory in to BBcode for easy forum posts
ItemHints - Tooltip notes for interesting items
ItemsOfPower - Item Stat Valuation Addon [Img1]
ItemRack - Context menus for inventory items [Fu] [Vid1]
JIM CooldownPulse - As spells, actions, and items become available, their icons will flash in a conspicuous place
JIM toolbox - provides configuration UI for other AddOns!
Joana's Guide Atlas Suite - is a leveling guide built into the Atlas addon [Img1]
KANGZ - addon for managing Dire Maul Tribute buff run invites [Img1]
KeyringOpener - Opens the keyring whenever all bags are opened (Shift-B)
Killpro - used for tracking all kills [Img1]
KLHHaremMeter - adds an image above your KLHTM Frame that will change depending on your current threat [Vid1]
KLHThreatMeter[17.35] - monitors and records your threat [Fu] [Img1] [17.36] [17.37]
KTMAutoHider - Automatically hides KLHThreatMeter if you are not in a raid or a party [Img1]
KTMemeAddon - Replaces mob names of the KT encounter with meme-ier names
KTP3ShackleCounter - Keeps track of the number of shackles on the Kel'Thuzad encounter phase 3
KLHThreatMeterBlizz - adds a small threat indicator to your target frame [Img1]
KillLog - a GUI for browsing your Kill Log history [Img1] [Img2]
LieExp - Adds a simple experience tracker [Img1]
LilSparkysWorkshop - adds auction-derived pricing information for trade skills right into the trade skill recipe frame [Img1]
LunaUnitFrames - Lightweight Unit Frames in a modern look [Vid1]
LagCast - compensate for latency and the casting design flaw in the Vanilla client
LazyPig - UI Enhancements [Vid1]
Linkmend - Converts CLINK links into regular ones and localizes and fixes regular ones if possible
LazySpell - auto healing spell rank scale for Clique and Classic Mouseover
LazyScript - very powerfull scripting tool [wiki]
LHCP - LeeroyHillCatsPower extended audio emotes
LVBM - (La Vendetta Boss Mods) is a stand-alone boss mod for raid groups playing in the end-game content
LoseControl - makes it easy to see the duration of crowd control spells by displaying them in a dedicated icon onscreen [Img1]
LootTracker - The primary purpose of this addon is track the loot that you and your party receive [Img1]
LanguageFilter - Filter chat messages by character range
Libs2 - Vanilla libs (most ACE2)
LibAccurateRange-1.0 - 40yd range checking
[Library]Ace2 - a lightweight and powerful system for building AddOns
[Library]Ace3 - AddOn development framework [ReadMe]
[Library]ActionButtonUtils - add a retail-like glowing effect to action bars [Img1]
[Library]AnimationGroup - Library for animations [Img1]
[Library]GxLuaPlus - Extends Lua 5.0 and World of Warcraft with handy functions
[Library]Logparser - library for parsing combat log messages and dispatching those to other addons
[Library]SortBags - Sorts and stacks your items [Vid1]
LibStub - meant to be a cross-community library sharing system
LibSpellInfo - Library GetSpellInfo
[Library]StateDriver - Library that supplies a StateDriver implementation known from retail
LibDBIcon-1.0 - a small library you can throw in your LDB addon that will create a small minimap icon
LibDataBroker-1.1 - a small WoW addon library designed to provide an MVC interface for use in various addons
LibCallbackHandler-1.0 - a back-end utility library that makes it easy for a library to fire its events to interested parties
LibCandyBar - A timer bars library
LibCompress - is a compression and decompression library
[Library]MapLibrary - Map info Library
LibModernizr - brings reimplementations of common API functions from 2.0 and onwards
LibPlayerInfo - Supplies a routine to lookup unit info by name
[Library]Sol - reimplements common Lua functions that are only available in Lua versions post 5.0
LibWaterfall - GUI Configuration Library
MacroTextStop - Hides macro texts in action buttons
MacroTT-V - Create tooltips for your macros [Img1] [Img2]
Mail - Mailbox enhancement [Img1] [Img2]
ManaMinder - addon for managing mana consumables [Img1]
MapOfScars - adds the Skyrim's compass [Vid]
MapTarget - makes all "red dots" on the minimap clickable [Vid1]
MasterLootRemind - Prompt Raid Leader to Set MasterLoot when a Boss is detected
MasterLute - Sends raid chat message with some predefined variables by user
MaxCam - automatically enables maximum camera distance
McgUI - Melee user interface (1920x1080) [Img1]
Metamap - adds features to the world map [Img1]
MeleeStats - addon to see your melee stats
MikeAddon - Macro improving framework and command line tools [Img1]
MobResist - Show the current armor and resistance of the mob that you are targeting [Img1]
MobsToLevel - adds a small window that tells you how many more mobs you need to level up! [Img1]
MobHealth - displays the current and maximum health of your target on top of the target frame
MobInfo2 - provides you with useful additional information about opponents/monsters
Mouseover - Enables mouseover actions on unitframes
MikScrollingBattleText - a replacement for Blizzard's Floating Combat Text and Damage output [Vid1]
MB-CA-icons - Addon to track when Mongoose Bite & Counterattack is usable
Modguide - puts VanillaGuide into a chat window [Img1]
Modified addons - Sandsten`s modified addons [Read] [Alt]
Modui - Complete vanilla UI (Clean but modern!) [Img1]
Modui-TallHealthBar - Adds taller player and target health bars to modui [Img1]
Modui-FocusFrame - Adds modui style changes to FocusFrame [Img1]
Modtip - Adds target + guild name in the default tooltip [Img1]
MRE - is a simple mod that shows the number of rage / energy / mana [Img1]
Mule - help moving consumables back and forth between characters [Img1]
MinimapButtonFrame - gathers up all of your minimap addon buttons and puts them into a movable frame [Img1]
ModifiedPowerAuras - lets you customize graphics to remind you do do certain things [Img1]
MacroExtender - allows you to create conditional statement macros that are found in TBC+ and more
MinimapButtonBag - cleans up your Minimap and relocates the buttons in a menu bar [Img1]
MorunoRankEnhanced - addon for estimating PVP-Standings [Img1]
ManyQTItemTooltips - Up to 20 tooltips [Img1] [Img2]
_Nameplates - sorts nameplates into friendly and hostile columns [Img1]
nampower - Dramatically increase cast efficiency on the 1.12.1 client!
Nauticus - transportation tracker [Fu]
NBR - (NirkBuffRemover) automatically remove the least useful buff when you get close to the buff cap [Img1]
NotGrid - It's pretty much grid and it works [Img1]
NotesUNeed - Notes Manager that allows you to track Friends, Ignores, Guild members, Quests, Items and generic notes [Img1]
NyaMap - Make your minimap sexy [Img1]
Niagara - makes a list of all your Ace2 Addons that use AceConsole using Waterfall Lib so you have a GUI for config [Img1]
OneButtonHunter - A very simple addon, executing the rotation of the hunter
oCB - (Otravi Casting Bar) Quartzlike castbar [Img1] [Img2] oCB Improved
OoI - addon to help with Oil of Immolation
oRA2 - a lightweight alternative for CTRaidAssist [Img1]
Outfitter - is an equipment management addon which gives you fast access to multiple outfits [Fu] [Img1]
OutOfMana - check the mana percentage of raid members [Img1]
PallyPower - easy to use interface that allows you set your own blessings and automatically check for missing buffs
PingoMatic - Minimap Ping Improvements [Img1]
Pitty - will attempt to identify people healing using automated healing addons, such as QuickHeal

Continued in post 3 below ....

I have written over 350+ guides for World of Warcraft on this forum. 
If my content has helped you and you wish to support me, please check the Donate option on the top of the site menu.
Pummeler - One button for equipping and using Manual Crowd Pummeler(s)
PoisonCharges - show you remaining charges and remaining time of your poisons [Img1]
PowerAuras - This Mod was created to have a better visibility when you gain buffs, debuffs and many more [Vid1]
pfDebug - A little tool to monitor the memory usage, peaks and garbage collection [Img1]
pfDesktop - An Ingame-Desktop Environment [Img1]
pfQuest - A ligthweight questhelper and ingame database [Img1]
pfUI - full replacement for the original Wow interface in a single Addon [Img1] [Img2] [Discord]
pfUI-addonbuttons - gathers minimap buttons of different addons, similar to MBB,  but with some love to pfUI [Img1]
pfUI-managems - adds additional frames that allows you to keep tracking of your mana gems status [Img1]
pfSimpleDamage - A lightweight DamageMeter [Img1]
pfStudio - an ingame-IDE [Vid1]
Punschrulle - Castbar addon [Img1]
PlayerStates - Macro Helper addon
Profession query - usefull addon for crafters selling their services!
Possessions - Inventory List Addon with Alt support
PowerInfusionHandler - Shows a bar with how how long PI is active as well as how long the cooldown is [Img1]
PicoPoisons - displays remaining poison charges on the respective buff symbols [Img1]
Prat Vanilla - Chat customization addon [Fu] [Img1] [Img2]
PriestBinds - Provides keybinds for priest abilities
Pvpwarn - Addon that warns players visually and acoustically about pvp events [Img1]
Questie - A standalone Vanilla QuestHelper [Vid1] [Discord]
QuestSoundBits - is a quest progress sound alert addon
QuestTranslator - Italian QuestTranslator [Img1]
QuickBind - Mouseover keybinds for action bars
QuickChat - allows you to assign Hotkeys to all your channels [Img1]
QuickHeal - Quick healing of party/raid members
Quickmark - assist with quickly marking targets [Img1]
QuestHaste - allows fast turn in of quests
QuestItem - stores an in-game database over quest items and tell you which quest they belong to
RABuff - Monitors a raid / party group, displaying various statistics [Img1]
RageTracker - Shows an resizeable and movable rage bar
RaidOrganizer - User-friendly interface for raid role assignment
RaidRollHelper - Fair item distribution with /roll in raids
RangeColor - Change the icon color when out of range, no mana or not usable [Img1]
Rank14losSA - verbally tells you when somebody is using a Cooldown, or an important ability [Img1]
RapidQuest - WHDB modified to work with a MetaMap [Vid1]
RAT - (Raid Ability Tracker) tracks certain class ability cooldowns (in raid) and puts them in an easy to view list [Img1] [Img2]
RDX (Raid Data Exchange) a tool for acquiring, filtering, and visualizing information about your raid team [Img1]
ResurrectionAnnounce - Plugin That Adds Resurrection Announce to Chat
Retarget - Retargets Hunters after Feign Death and Rogues after Stealth
RezzTimer - Shows resurrection timers of other party members who have this addon [Img1]
RogueRota - A very simple addon, executing the rotation of the rogue
Roid-Macros - allows you to use a small subset of the macro conditionals [Vid1] [Vid2]
RosterFilter - a guild frame based on aux [Img1]
RecipeRadar - assists players in finding recipes [Vid1]
RingMenu - a circular ActionBar that can be summoned with a click [Vid1]
ReckCounter - a small frame showing stored strikes from the Paladin Reckoning talent
ReagentCounter - Displays reagent count on the spell's action button
ResourceCountActionButtons - Displays how often you can cast a spell before you run out of resources on the action buttons
RaidSummon - small RaidSummon frame [Img1]
RogueFocus - Compact Combo/Energy/Tick display [Img1]
RoguePack - First necessary add-ons to the Rogue
RPaladinDamage - Average DPS Estimation based on current stats and weapon skills [Img1]
ruRU ClassicAddons - Addons supporting  ruRU local
RealLag - Attempts to give the Classic WoW client a more realistic lag display
RenewSpam - autocasts renew(rank1) on any raid member that doesn't have renew
RWarriorDamage - Average DPS Estimation based on current stats and weapon skills [Img1]
RWSync - Multi Raid Warning
SafeBuff - Smart target buffing
SafeShift - Safety measure against accidentally unshifting immediately after shapeshifting
SaySapped - Says "Sapped!" to alert those around you whenever a rogue saps you
SaySapped[Extended] - Also works for many other CCs
SeeThunGroups - C`thun group setup helper for raid leaders [Img1]
Select AddOns - addons authored by Road-block (some not) [Img1]
Sentry - Open pvp enemy frames/alerts [Img1]
Server Translation - Addon for the translation of the server part of the game
Shootyepgp - Guild Helper addon for EPGP loot system
SimpleActionSets - Save action bars as sets that can be swapped out [Img1]
SimpleRaidTargetIcons - Target Marking and Mark Targetting Improvements [Img1] [Img2]
SKMap - tracks player deaths, player pvp kills, their location by zone, and displays them on the world map
Sota - State of the Art DKP and Loot addon
SpamSentry - Documents Gold Spammers by making an automatic screenshot of the message
SpamThrottle - addon to remove unwanted chat messages [Img1]
sQMinimapFix - A quick fix to force a constant minimap zoom level across all zones, cities and instances
sRaidFramesImproved - was originally designed to replace the raid frames provided by CT_RaidAssist [Img1] [Img2]
StatCompare - StatCompare, adds a panel next to the Character Panelfrom [Img1]
StealthOverlay - slowly dims your screen when you enter Stealth [Img1]
StopWatch - a simple stopwatch that uses blizzards style [Img1]
SpellPowerMulti - displays the current relevant damage multipliers on a target as well as the current total multiplier [Img1]
SmallerRollFrames - replaces the default Roll-Frames with smaller ones [Img1]
SmartDebuffCheck - Simple addon to check if your target has the proper debuffs applied [Img1]
SmartLoot - is a unobtrusive group loot frames AddOn [Img1]
SmartRoll - addon to help with rolling on items for multi-raid groups [Img1]
SnagaLoatheb - Makes rotating Heals on Loatheb a lot easier
Snipe - automatically buys any auction that matches a target in a specified target list
Sniper - Mob Sniping Helper
SoulShardManager - Keeps your Soul Shards in check
ShaguBam - a BamMod alike Addon [Img1]
ShaguBoP - auto accepts BoP loot when alone [Img1]
ShaguChat - highlight and hide custom chat messages [Img1]
ShaguClock - draws a simple movable clock on the screen [Img1]
ShaguColor - allows to write colorful chat messages [Img1]
ShaguCombat - displays your combat state via glowing screen edges [Img1]
ShaguCopy - allows to copy chat messages [Img1]
ShaguDelgado - modifies some elements to be purple [Img1]
ShaguError - hides error and notification message popups [Img1]
ShaguInventory - shows accountwide item count inside the tooltips [Img1]
ShaguKill - displays the remaining kills till level up [Img1]
ShaguMount - automatically unmounts the player when using an action [Img1]
ShaguNotify - shows achievement alike notifications for several events [Vid1]
ShaguPlates - modifies and extends the default nameplates [Img1] TidyPlates-Edit
ShaguScore - displays a gearscore alike item rating [Img1]
ShaguStance - automatically switches to the required stance [Img1]
ShaguTooltips - modifies the game tooltips [Img1]
ShaguValue - display item sell and buy values on tooltips [Img1]
ShamanFix - changes the shaman class colour to blue
Strategos Battleground - custom minimap for battlegrounds
StrategosCore - Enhances your BG expirience [Img1] [Discord]
Strategos Minimap - custom minimap for battlegrounds
SimpleCombatLog - Pretty Print CombatLog AddOn
SUCCbag - addon to unify user inventory and bags [Img1]
SUCC-ecb - enemy castbar
SUCC-ui - UI replacement
SunOfTheNight - addOn that tries to "backport" the Character Menu of Skyrim [Img1]
SuperMacro - provides a very much improved interface for macros [Vid1]
SuperIgnore - Unlimited ignore list with many extra features [Img1]
SVT - Keeps track of Shadow Vulnerability
SpartanUI - designed to free your screen by moving a majority of the interface elements to the bottom [Img1]
SpartanUI_SpinCam - Causes the camera to spin around your character when you go AFK
SilverDragon - tracks rares [Img1]
Samuel - Static swing timer with 1 - 1.5 second Slam marker for warriors [Img1]
SP_SwingTimer - Warrior Swing Timer [Img1]
SP_Overpower - Shows an alert tooltip and timer bar on your screen when Overpower procs
Swapper - is a container swapping utility addon
SwapRaidSubgroupByName - Adds a function to swap raid members by name rather than by raid-index
SW Stats - (named after guild Shadow Warrior) is a damage/heal (and more) meter addon [Img1]
SyncedUI - A complete UI solution featuring a customized profile & release of pfUI for for 1920x1080 [Img1]
SummonsMonitor - makes it easy for one or more Warlocks to summon multiple people [Img1]
TankAssignments - helps you assign tanks to raidtargets
TankBuddyEnh - Alert raid on successful/missed taunt/kick/cc
TankHeal - Tank Heal Assistant
TargetAssist - Simple raid target icons [Img1]
!Toggle - Disables toggling behavior of Attack, Auto Shot and Shoot
Thaliz - Smart addon to handle ressing party / raid members [Img1]
Threat - Provide a single button to generate the maximum available threat on a given single target
TinyTip - changes the look of your GameTooltip [Alt]
TimeManager - Time Management features [Img1]
Timers - Flexibly customizable timers for tracking by triggers [Img1]
TimeTracker - addon to create custom bars
TitanCritLine - Saves your high normal and critical damage records and flashes a message if your break the record
TitanGuild - TitanGuild with EPGP display
TitanWowRadio - Titan Plug-in for WowRadio
TomTomVanilla - a mix of the Legion TomTom and QuestieArrow [Img1]
TotemTimersEnhanced - keep's track of Shaman's Totems, how long they'll last and when their next Tick comes [Img1]
TradeDispenser - allows to automatically trade any water or food you have in your bags [Img1]
TrinketMenu - a mod to make swapping trinkets easier [Img1]
Talentsaver - save & load your common Talent Specs with just one click! [Vid1]
TriviaBot - allows the user to host quiz games for other players
TopMeOff - will automatically top you off on reagents when you talk to a reagent vendor
TourGuide Professions - Professions guides for 1-300
TourGuideVanilla - Powerleveling guide framework [Img1]
UberBanish - Informs the party/raid of how much time is left in your Banishes
UITweaks - Tweaks the User Interface to be as minimalistic as possible
UnicodeFont - Enables you to see Chinese, Japanese and other languages in game
UnitFramesImproved - improve upon the standard blizzard unitframes without going beyond the boundaries set by them [Img1]
Unitscan - automatically scans for characters by name and alerts you upon finding one [Img1]
VanillaGuide - An in-game leveling guide [Vid1]
Vanilla Addons - vanilla addons (some fixed)
Vanilla addons A-Z - Vanilla addons repository (Last updated: 24 May 2016) [Alt]
VanillaGraphicBoost - Push the game's visuals to the max [Img1]
VanillaRatingBuster - Displays ratings for items in tooltips based on stat weights [Img1] [Img2]
VCB - a highly customizable buff frame [Img1]
VendorAutoBuy - Auto buy limited items from merchants [Img1]
VF WarriorAddon - Announces Last Stand / Shield Wall / Missed Taunts
VGAntiCooldown - Tracks  and purge enemy buffs
VGAttackBar - Displays a progress bar for your attack speed [Img1]
VGShamanTools - tracks weapon enchantment and totem timers [Img1]
VoidBattle - AddOn that removes battleground spam messages from chat
VQueue - Group finder utility [Vid1]
VanillaStoryline - enhance the readability and immersion when questing [Img1] [Img2]
VanillaMaps - collection of detailed and clear maps, gathered from various sources
WarriorHUD - a HUD(Head-up-Display) created exclusively for Warriors [Img1]
WarriorTank - One button warrior tanking
WebDKP Elysium - addon to help guild leaders manage their dkp
WFW - addon for switching weapons when you have Windfury totem
Whisper Filter - If you are annoyed by whispers of gold sellers and beggers this is right choice for you [Img1]
WIM - (WoW Instant Messenger) brings an instant messenger feel to communication in game [Vid1]
WhoHas - Tooltip Addon showing item counts and other info
WhoFavorites - Store and Replay /who queries
WhoKicksNow - Displays cooldowns for Kick, Gouge, Cheap Shot and Kidney Shot to everyone in group who use the AddOn
WhoList_Fix - Fix the Who-List Display [Img1]
Warmup - Measures addon loading times
WorkAroundSelfCast - AddOn to enable the use of autoSelfCast with other AddOns like PallyPower
WorldBossAlert - simplifies scouting for world bosses by checking the scout's combat log for crucial events
WorldFilter - filters the world and trade channel by keywords
WowLua - Lua scripting environment that includes an interactive Lua interpreter as well as a multi-page script editor [Img1]
WowRadio - Listen to Internet Radio inside WoW [Img1]
WoW-UIs - A simple collection of legacy UIs
WRUGS - Effective addon to block gold seller whispers
XckMasterLootAdvanced - Easy way to assign loot as ML [Img1]
XFactionChat - Cross Faction Chat
XLoot AddOns - A remake of the built-in lootframe [Img1]
XTranqManager - Easy Auto Announce TranqShot [Img1]
XtraUnitFrame - Advanced Compact UnitRaidFrame [Img1] [Img2]
YAHT - Yet another Hunter Timer [Img1] [Img2]
ZeroDB - database addon [Img1]
ZGLoot - automate looting in ZG, AQ 20 and AQ 40 [Img1]
ZGTracker - Tracks Zul'Gurub coins and bijous lootage

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