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List of pre-legion ores and herbs that are worth flying around farming
Below I will share a list of all pre-legion ores and herbs that are worth flying around farming, in short, the best value that you can get for your time investment.
Please note most of these will be in line with regional or popular server averages, but some servers will have massive discrepancies in prices so just check your realms pricing before hitting the skies to farm.

  • Ghost Iron Ores (Always high in demand, farm in valley of four winds)
  • Azsharas Veil (Very server dependent prices used in Vvial of sands)
  • Arcane Crystals (Rarely seen in small servers, great opportunity to corner market, used in tmog crafting, Winterspring route best for farming them)
  • Nethercite ore (Used for TBC Mount Quest)
  • Elementium ore (Can drop the volatiles used in transmuting true gold (Alchemy recipe/Skill), and you will sometimes find pyrite veins which are worth a bit.)
  • Whiptail (Used in Vvial of sands)
  • Cinderbloom (Used in Vvial of sands)
  • Trillium (Always will sell)
  • Saronite (Server dependent)
Protip for MoP Mats farming:

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adds a chance to get gems from your mines that increases the value of the farm. And make sure to get the Forager's Gloves to increase speed of picking/mining.

Another good item:

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that will allow you to see extra nodes. You do not need to have these equipped to see through the mist, simply having them in your bag is sufficient.
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