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Leveling Zones By Recommended Levels in WoW Classic [Alliance and Horde]
WoW Classic Recommended leveling areas

Alliance zones:

Westfall (Level 9-18): You have to take a very long walk. If you're planning an adventure in the Death Mines, you will not get past Westfall.
Loch Modan (Level 10-18): Good for dwarfs and gnomes. There are not quite as many quests as on the Darkshore.
Mirkwood (Level 10-30): Very nice, atmospheric zone with a bunch of good quests. This is one of the spawning points for a world boss.
Darkshore (Level 11-19): Very good zone for low-level characters with many quests.
Redridge Mountains (Level 15-25): Alternate area if you still need a few quests to continue leveling.
Wetlands (Level 20-30): The last level you can complete before any contested territory is available.

Horde zones:

Barrens (Level 10-33): Very large area where three of the four Horde races will be. There are tons of quests available that can take you to level 20. Experience shows that there are a lot of players here. Here are the instances The Caves of Wailing, The Kral of Razorfen and The Hills of Razorfen.
Silverwood (Level 10-20): The counterpart to the Barrens for Undead-Race Players.
Stonetalon Mountains (Level 15-25): Located just west of the Barrens, is a good addition to it.

Neutral/Contested Areas:

Ashenvale (Level 19-30): Hometown of the PvP Battlefield Warsong Gulch and Blackfathom Deep. Abundant quests for players of both factions. World boss spawn point.

Hillsbrad Foothills (Level 20-31): The area is known for the legendary PvP battles between Tarren Mill and Southshore. Leveling will be difficult on PvP servers, because you inevitably go into a mass battle. For PvP players who are into it, it's amazing!

Thousand Needles (Level 24-35): Many quests and plenty of them concentrated. 

Desolace (Level 30-39): Popularly referred to as the ugliest area in WoW. Quests, however, are worth doing here. You will find the instance of Maraudon here.

Arathi Highlands (Level 30-40): Hometown of the PvP Battlefield Arathi Basin. Both factions have their own node in this zone.

Stranglethorn Vale (Level 30-50): One of the most famous zones ever. An abundant number of quests over a very large level range. World PvP players heaven.

Badlands (Level 36-45): It's only worth it if you are planning a visit to Uldaman.

Tanaris (Level 40-50): Here is the instance Zul'Farrak located. Here you should stop by, check everything and visit the instance. To the east are the caves of time.

Feralas (Level 41-60): The area is not very popular, but offers some quests for both factions. Later, the instance Dire Maul, as well as a possible world boss spawn point.

Searing Gorge (Level 43-56): The zone provides a first taste of the endgame. You get to know the Thorium Brotherhood.

Western Plaguelands (Level 46-57): You can level fast, there are a lot of quests waiting for you. In the south-east is the instance Scholomance.

Felwood (Level 47-54): Atmospheric zone with some very good quests.

Un'Goro Crater (Level 48-55): There are a ton of quests here, highly recommended.

Burning Steppes (Level 50-59): Located at the foot of Blackrock, it is a high-level zone that you will often visit. You will get many instance quests here.

Eastern Plaguelands (Levels 54-59): High-level Endgame Zone, home of the Stratholme instance, and later the Naxxramas raid.

Winterspring (Level 55-60): Another endgame zone with many quests in a snowy landscape.

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