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Lets talk about D&D
Let's talk about a semi-free ever expanding game that YOU can create.

So if you're fairly new to D&D and always wanted to try it or learn about it you can! 

So far I have been playing the 5th edition and honestly it's easy to pick up and fun to play.
You can find the official rulebooks and starter character creation fairly easy online but their are more methods of
picking up the game. The first method which is the best is finding a DM that is running a game. The reason this is the best
method is a couple reasons (as long as they are a good DM willing to help new players). 1st being that they
can guide you through the process of creating the first character and explaining the basic rules maybe even showing
you a tip list of things to remember in and out of combat. The 2ed being the likely chance of house rules and the DM
play style. There are multiple reasons for house rules and even home-brew in almost any D&D game especially for 5e, 
5e is pretty limited to basic things since it is fairly new and doesn't have much expansion to it yet, but it is the easiest 
and flexible to play right now (in my opinion at least) the other main reason is that house rules and home-brew is a lot 
of fun and in its own right expands the core aspects of the game. 
Right now the best way to get into the game if you can't find a live group is finding an online community or group.
The easiest is a site called Roll20 which gives all the tools needed for people to play and form groups online. It's 
recommended to learn the basic controls to the game board, but other than that I'd recommend starting from their.
My next post will try to delve deeper into ways to actually do some interesting things in game creation that even though
you are not the DM, it's possible to get in your game if you ask nicely since it isn't rule breaking, just being creative.

oh, this was supposed to be in other games

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