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Legion gold farming [Update 9 SeptemberAmazing spot 620 Leystone Ore/Hour Insane Legion Gold Farming Spot
I wanna farm ores! Thx Wink
(05-30-2016, 04:58 PM)Phoen1x Wrote:
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Update 9th September with new spot:

New Spot:

Old spot if you are interested remember this is nerfed:

Update as of 7.0.3 latest release build for Legion PTR has this spot nerfed!
Guess we exploited this way too much.

Tested this spot in Alpha as well as in Beta and it has insane legion gold farming potential come launch. If you ever played during wow launch period, the gathering mats are the ones that can earn you unbelievable amount of gold as people are figuring out different profitable crafts to sell and the elitist want nothing but best in slot crafted gear to run heroic dungeons smoothly. This spot requires you to be miner. By following this you could also level your mining skill up ASAP at launch.

What are you farming here?

Leystone Ore


You need to be a miner in order to mine the deposits.


I have tested many spots for mining and this is the best one right now. This spot is above the mining trainer which you will eventually come across if you follow your profession questline. The quest will take you inside Stonecrown cavern and this is where the spot is at.
need guide plx SmileSmileSmile
thanks for the contribution
Awesome, will try it out

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