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Legion Gold Farming Status as of Beta
Status of the gold farming in Legion for common spots and what I have observed.

Q. Is Garn Nighthowl still 100% drop rate in Legion and can Nok-Karosh be soloed?

A. Yes and Yes. It was very hard to get to Draenor from Legion beta, but I somehow managed to. I tried this with a warrior and he is indeed very easy to solo. The mount also dropped 2/2 times we killed him so I am assuming it is still a 100% drop mount. Remember this is just the status from the Beta client and not final.

Q. Is Garrison Nerfed in Legion and what is nerfed?

A. Garrison is confirmed nerfed in Legion and Blizzard is removing gold missions from both normal and shipyard missions. They are also nerfing Salvage yard so it is essential you open them before legion hits.

Q. Is Boomkin the king of farming is nerfed?

A. This is correct the Starfall ability received the same treatment rain of fire received.

Q. Are professions useful in Legion?

A. From what I can gather the expansion is profession oriented expansion. No limits on crafting gear? heck yea the goblin in me is exited already. In Legion so far the only way to get gathering materials is to go out and gather them yourself unlike the system we have currently in WoD. Professions have many quests, different tiers of recipe it's going to be really really good.

Q. Is gold farmed from catacalysm heroic raids nerfed?

A. No. Tested it in beta and it still drops the same amount of raw gold and items it does in WoD.

Q. Is farming MoP raids good in Legion.

A. No they are pathetic. In SoO raid you only get 8 gold for killing a boss and a few items.

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