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Legion Artifact Power Farming Guide | Fastest Way to Reach Cap
So Legion is about to launch and everyone is going to have Artifact weapons in their hand and you want to level those shiny new artifacts up and you want to fill that baby up with artifact power which will help you out immensely.

Note: this guide was written before Legion launch and then people had no idea how to farm the artifact power. There are better and more profitable ways now and I will try to include them in the list as I find them. If you know good ways please PM me I will add them.

If you want to be as efficient as possible and farm Legendary with Artifact power you can!
I have made a fool proof route in the Legendary item farming guide thread link below:

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Update 12 October:

Currently, as of 12 October, If you cannot do Mythic+ Dungeons because of low gear, Timewalking Dungeons are the fastest way of obtaining Artifact Power. Average Artifact power obtained is 15,600/Hour which is damn good. This scales based on your Artifact knowledge. You farm 
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for each boss kill, and Timewalking Dungeons are significantly undertuned/a lot easier than they were in WoD.

Let's begin

[Image: HIpjD7u.jpg]

You are wondering where to get artifact power? A better question will be where can't you find artifact power as it comes from pretty much any sort of gameplay including dungeons and battleground rewards. I'm going to give you guys some hints and tips to get the most artifact power possible so you can unlock all your traits as quickly as possible.

1. Class Halls

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

The first thing you need to make sure you're doing is class hall, this isn't going to net you any power directly, but trust me you need to stay on top of this specific work order, this is your
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work order and don't worry about how to find this class hall because you will get a quest that takes you directly to it. Just remember where is was after it will be shown. It will steal a good chunk of your order hall resources to keep these orders going and they take a long time. 

It starts at 5 days AFAIK and will get progressively faster as time goes on regardless of which level your research is at, that is time-based instead of research level based which means if you join the game a few months later or decide to level alts more seriously the time required for that first work order won't be five days it will be much shorter so you could catch up much faster. 

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increases artifact power you earn from most sources exponentially, so where you earn 100-200 for a world quest it will get to 1k-10k and even higher as you keep researching make sure you keep on top of it otherwise you will missing out no matter how much time you spend farming.

2. Quests 

[Image: quest-gives-ap-directly-to-weapon.jpg]

So, lets look at how you can actually farm artifact power The first source is leveling every story and quest chain you complete will reward you with a good chunk of artifact power meaning you should be completing all the quests you can find and you need to do so anyways as you need their reputation double win. You will also come across rares and events while leveling and it's my suggestion to just do them as you get them. Getting to your first golden trait will be a HUGE power boost to your character. Complete all quests and rare and events as you come across.

3. World Quests

[Image: legion-plan-worldquest-map.jpg]

When you get max level you want to unlock world quests, to do so you need reputation with pretty much everybody in Legion if you didn't skip many quests you should automatically have that when you reach 110, when you unlock world quests you will see quite a few rewards that reward amazing amount of artifact power. Completing all the quests that reward artifact power is a good first step then finish off the
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by completing a few more world quest as they reward artifact power and good gear.

4. Instances

Dungeons, you can do normal, heroic or Mythic, but try doing heroic you can clear mythic too if you are up for it but remember mythic can only be done once per week. Heroic dungeons reward you artifact power for first random dungeon heroic every day and for every boss killed. Also, you have a chance to drop artifact power tokens from mobs from the dungeon.

Edit: Currently running Mythic+ instances nets you an insane amount of artifact power per run, and is now the best AP/hour you can farm.

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