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LEGION-ZYGOR 5.0.14277 August 10th, 2016
Due to the notice we received from Zygorguides, we have removed all download links for it.
Please do not post download links to Zygorguides, doing so will result in infraction
Sharing it in private section is allowed, for donating $15 towards the site you get permanent access to Zygorguides and client which you can update zygor, dugi and similar paid addons without checking thread everytime + tons of private methods from elite section of ownedcore and stormspire.

August 10th, 2016
Version: 5.0.14277
[B] Demon Hunter - Fix so the Demon Hunter guide is properly suggested and loaded for Demon Hunters.

- Fix to properly detect not learned recipes in crafting guides
[+] 4 users say Thank You to savior for this post
Thanks you looks great
Cheers, much appreciated
Thank you looks great!
Thank you for the update!
Thank You i am very happy with that
Thanks you very much!
thank you :3 love those guides
looks nice tank you

looks nice thank you

looks nice thank you
Thank you for the update!
thanks alot !!!
thanks guys i need this addon
hope this zg works the last one did not
Thanksfor new version

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