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Joystick for pokemon go (android only-xposed)
So for this hack/exploit or whatever you want to call it, requires the xposed framework.
This requires root and modification of the system folders... some phones you must have s-off.
Requires unlocked bootloader to flash a recovery to flash xposed framework.

Xposed is a great utility for many things and an even better one to spoof gps locations and hide the fact that you are spoofing while doing so.

However there is a new module out for it that lets you play with an on screen joystick to move around locations and also mod the gps location at the same time.

The module is called Pokemon Go Joystick.

I personally use it with rootcloak just in case along with the joystick and another module ill link here because the others can easily be found on xda

This is the link to the module to hide your mock locations if your phone doesnt support it by default.
You must post a reply below to unlock this link

But my favorite thing about playing like this is the fact that you can move around just like on a gameboy and play the game. I have yet to get a softban while doing this however! make sure your phone is not sharing your location via cell towers or you may teleport and get a soft ban. I just pull my sim out when i want to do this.
Another issue that may occur is if you use another app to teleport and then try to use the joystick it will cause a soft ban because it remembers your last location when you go to move and it will continue from there. The plus side to the last sentence is that you can continue where you left off if you dont have gps satellites and you can move around without having to back out of the game.

Be safe with how you play and you SHOULD be fine. With the fact of hiding root, and the toggle of the mock locations the only other way they can know is if a. you are reported and b. they have some other serverside check that is unknown

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