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Is there a way to make at least 50k per hour with 1 char?
well i currently am botting in WoW. im farming herbs in suramar but they sell for so low
like 13k each 200 stacks. i also mine while herb but it's not enough or people won't buy.
i really wanted to start RMT but i either don't get buyers or i make like 40k per day.
any tips?

PS: im new in game btw

I don't think there exists a method that can net you upwards of 50k per hour of farming.
Since you are new, continue with your method and try to be more efficient at it until you get more gph.
Good luck.
well on my server high mountain salmon is selling 50g each and if you have artifact fishing rod you can get 4 to 5 stacks in 30min to 40mins lots of gold to be made, look at servers and find raid servers they tend to buy lots for crafting/fishing , i dont bot but i bring in average 75k /hr..

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