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Is World of Warcraft Classic Worth Playing?
It's no secret that world of warcraft brought lots of people together, and they are from different backgrounds and nationalities. People that made long-lasting friendships during the time they played the game, some of which lasted even after the world of warcraft chapter closed in their life. Most of you still keep in touch with cheap wow classic gold players. With the release of vanilla classic the opportunity to make new friends and maybe long-lasting friendships will rise to surface again. Of course there are some people who will do the opposite and ruin their current collection of friends.

Superior leveling

Superior leveling is hard in classic wow, and the journey from 1 to 60 is a long & arduous. It takes several months of hard work and dedication to hit level cap, which is an impressive feat. Superior leveling is the lifeblood of the game, an integral piece of the wow echo system where players learn that in an MMORPG, you need to communicate and collaborate with others to reach success.

Strong Class identity

Classes in vanilla weren’t perfectly balanced, and the skills weren’t hyper optimized for viability abilities. Every class had access to a slightly tweaked utility version instead of the classes in vanilla felt distinct accompanied by a unique play style and skill of flavorful crafted with class fantasy in mind. Each class brings some unique abilities. Mage can open the portal towards capital city and it possesses the ability to turn mana into food and water, at this situation, traveling is difficult and consumable is expensive. Hunter is the self-reliant master of solo play with unique pet ability and tool. Warlock can summon players from across the continent and enslave powerful demon.

Better pacing

The pacing of vanilla was superior in many ways, this applies to gear progression wow classic gold leveling and the world itself. You experienced vanilla was turn into such a way that the world are bigger and wow classic items are more impactful.

WoW classic is instilled in us the importance of being responsible, because if you put all your classic wow gold on the auction house, you couldn’t buy a new rank of the skill, you couldn’t repair your armor, you couldn’t buy the consumables that you needed, and you would take many hours to recover.

More immersive world

The immersive environment vanilla well functioned in a more plausible way, which made it in turn feel more immersive. Unlike retail you didn’t feel like you were the main character in the story instead you felt like you were just a common student. You were made to feel more insignificant and made the world seem more significant.

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