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How to Make Elemental Animator Build in Path of Exile
In Path of Exile, commanding the elements is central to the concept of magic. Everyone who has played the game for a long time has seen or played with the almighty Witch with lots of splash and AoE damage, killing enemies. If you are interested in seeing something interesting for a change, perhaps you can look into this build called the
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While you go through enemies like a literal hot knife through proverbial butter, you can raise weapons from fallen enemies for both extra damage and protection. By having elemental damage auras augment their offensive capabilities with fire and lightning damage, these animated weapons are made strong, which amplified by a combination of Freezing Pulse and Elemental Proliferation. The result is a summoner that can cut through the mobs of enemies with an efficiency, and even for most other magic builds etc. If you want to make fast builds, PoE Items are your first choice.

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