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How to Fully Avoid Corrupted Bellow from Helya in Maw of Souls Dungeon.
Update: This has been hotfixed.

This is super simple but super effective.  In Maw of Souls the last boss during phase 2 breathes a cone of death,
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,  basically on to the deck your fighting.  This is kinda of an annoying mechanic because not only are you avoiding the millions of things being tossed on the ground but you have to keep your eye on which way Helya is facing to even know where the breathe is going.  

So my exploit basically allows you to avoid this by standing still (mostly).  
[Image: 49c4cb933ca80f83463193a8b083b3b5.png]

Basically as seen in the picture above, there is a safe zone in the most up front right corner.  You can literally stand there and fire away avoiding every single breathe direction.  

Here is the only small downfall.  Other spells like Taint of the Sea will still go there so once in awhile you do have to strafe out and than wait for it to blow up and proceed to strafe back into the safe corner.  If your super unlucky, while strafing out you'll get hit by the breathe since you are no longer in the corner but this is theoretical and I have never seen it happen myself.  

All in all, this is SUPER helpful especially in Mythic.  The deck is super small, the camera view on it is shit, and there is so much to avoid already WHILE doing a good DPS rotation.  So being able to take one giant mechanic in the hardest phase away is a godsend.

I would like to thank the random Chinese group that showed me this!

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thanks for share
Check again if it working. just tried it and it wasnt.
I die every time lol

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