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How I Farmed all Rare Mounts in WoW Within a Week [TLPD, Aeonaxx, VoidTalon etc]
With this method, you can make an almost empty shard for yourself to camp or scout for these rare spawns.
I got all these mounts within a week since WoW is almost dead right now and people are waiting for Shadowlands
I had a friend with me who also needed the mounts and having a friend helps, but is not necessary. 
Update for 9.0.5: Last post update 22 March 2021. 
The Method Still Works

Credits to user Justtopost, for testing it and providing changes in 9.0.5

Quote:To everyone trying this in Shadowlands: There have been several changes since BFA it seems.

First of all, let's talk about resetting zones in RP/low pop realms. According to the findings listed here:  some zones in WoW are disabled if nobody is present in that zone for at least 15 minutes.
These zones are the following (others aren't tested so it might not be limited to the listed zones)
* All Draenor zones **EXCEPT** Shadowmoon valley.
* Storm Peaks
* Azuna
* New Darkshore

What this means, is that for all the above-mentioned zones a server reset will occur if nobody is present within them for 15 minutes minimum. This in turn, results in rares resetting their respawn timer e.g. Draenor rares won't spawn for at least 2-8hrs after opening a zone.
One way to check if a zone has been reset is using the addon: NPC TIME. This addon will show how long a mob has been alive for in the tooltip that's shown when mousing over said mob. Another indicator that a zone has been reset is, that if you're logging into a zone and the loading screen is very long ~60sec or more, the zone has much likely just been reloaded by you logging into the zone.

Now, what does all this mean for you, rare-spawn farming enthusiasts?
It means, that when farming rares in Draenor zones other than Shadowmoon Valley, you will have to use the Class trial to login at least every 13-14 minutes to prevent the zone resetting and thus resetting the rare's spawn timer.
Although, the reset does not seem to happen in Deepholm, which is great as it enables farming Aeonaxx for the stone-drake mount.

Another thing I should mention is the fact that Class trial characters start at lvl 48 and group finder only becomes available at level 50. This means that there's no easy one-man way to group up with yourself anymore (unless you somehow rush lvl 50 in no time, and afterwards use that character to farm rares).
However, to my knowledge, it is possible to group up with guildies/friends etc. pass leader to them, have them invite your main character and thus be in a group with yourself. To then bring your main to your toon's sharding, you will need to login to the toon and wait for leader to pass (takes a few minutes). Log back into your main and you should be in the correct sharding. Kill whatever rare you found, loot mount and celebrate.

I cannot confirm anything about the ability to loot any of the rare drops, yet I can confirm that class trials CANNOT loot pathrunner in SMV!
Although, with SMV not being affected by zone-resetting this rare should be an easy one to get.

A last note: Due to the fact that New Darkshore reset when empty for 15 minutes, one can abuse this to spawn the frightened kodo! The spawn pattern is such, that frightened kodo will always be up right after a server reset, therefore enabling you to easily get this mount on a low-pop server.

Update for 8.3: Last post update 21 May 2020

With 8.3 came some class trial changes! I've completely rewritten the guide and mounts you can obtain using it.

Update for 8.2:
No changes, the method still works as of 24 July 2019   6th January 2020

Update for 8.1:

Here are the changes for 8.1 patch, the method still works, for more mounts now than before.
Frightened Kodo is a new mount added in Darkshore that you can farm using trials.
Phosphorescent Stone Drake (Aeonaxx) acquisition has now been changed before a single person had to ride it and kill it, now it's killable in a party you can make an infinite party of 4 people with warlocks to tag using Deathbolt and everyone gets the loot. So get some friends to make trials on all RP realms, camp the spots and once you found it invite everyone to the shard, tag and loot!

Below you can see my mounts favorite list in-game with rare spawn mounts: 

Great Greytusk (Gorok), Long-Forgotten Hippogryph, Mottled Meadowstomper (Luk'hok), Phosphorescent Stone Drake (Aeonaxx), Sapphire Riverbeast (Silthide), Subdued Seahorse (Poseidus), Sunhide Gronnling (Poundfist), Time-Lost Proto-Drake, Voidtalon of the Dark Star.
[Image: d4c0b628bbc7f1144c9f3caf9365fa9e.png]

We will be making Trial characters, but Blizzard has somewhat fixed most of the stuff you can farm with trials. With the introduction of CRZ + Sharding and Removal of cross-zone server hops, it's harder than before, but read on, I'll show you how to beat the system.

You can have 12 class trials per account and make 4 per hour. Class trials only are available for 3 hours of /played time. After you reached this, delete and remake the character
Class trials can only be used to find and loot select open-world rares including Camels, Voidtalon, Warbringers, Alani, LFH, and WoD Rares as well as Garrison Bosses.

Class trials cannot loot Poseidus, Aeonaxx, TLPD, or Huolon. They can, however, be used to phase over a non-trial character via the Premade Group Finder tool in-game so that you may successfully kill and loot the rare. 

Addons that you absolutely need for this method:

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Being Smart about which Realms to make Class trials on

We will be making class trials on RP realms obviously because they are immune to sharding, but with only 12 trials on your account, you need to be smart about which realms you make them on. 
Some RP realms are connected with each other, I will give you a list below of all RP realms and realms connected to them use this info combined with the realm pop in the game and realmpop website to choose the best server to make trial on. 
Shards for warmode on and off are different, but I highly recommend warmode Off as default setting since most people on RP realms in those rare spawn zones are levelling and they prefer doing it with WM On.
Don't make 2 characters on 2 different realms that are connected.
Since I play on EU, I will Bold the servers I recommend from my experience where I found most rares to be up.

RP Realms on US Solo and Connected list:

WyrmrestAccord (dont make trial here, high pop rp realm)
MoonGuard (dont make trial here, high pop rp realm)
ArgentDawn, TheScryers
BlackwaterRaiders, ShadowCouncil
Feathermoon, Scarlet Crusade
CenarionCircle , SistersofElune
Farstriders, SilverHand, ThoriumBrotherhood (dont make trial here, high pop rp realms)
KirinTor, Sentinels, SteamwheedleCartel
EmeraldDream (dont make trial here, high pop rp realm)
Ravenholdt, TwistingNether
Lightninghoof, Maelstrom, TheVentureCo.

RP Realms on EU Solo and Connected list:

Moonglade, Steamwheedle Cartel , The Sha'tar
Darkmoon Faire, Earthern Ring
Argent Dawn
Defias Brotherhood, Ravenholdt, Scarshield Legion, Sporeggar, The Venture Co

Die ewige Wacht, Die Silberne Hand
Todeswache, Zirkel des Cenarius
Der Mithrilorden, Der Rat von Dalaran
Die Nachtwache, Forscherliga
Die Aldor
Das Konsortium, Das Syndikat, Der Abyssische Rat, Die Arguswacht, Die Todeskrallen, Kult der Verdammten

Confrérie du Thorium , Les Clairvoyants, Les Sentinelles
Kirin Tor
Conseil des Ombres, Culte de la Rive noire, La Croisade écarlate

I have bolded 7 RP realms for EU where I would recommend making a trial character, if you have a friend(s) with you, you could cover every single one of them. 

With that info out of the way, some of my tips are as follows:
  • I recommend making the trial character as Mages, submitting the BfA start quest and accepting + skipping the scenario quest gives you enough gold to buy portal to old Dalaran. You can go deepholm and grind mobs to afford the stormshield portal as well.
  • I was the most unlucky with TLPD, I killed 21 Vyragosa before TLPD spawned for me, by the 21st kill I managed to get the timer down to a T. Basically after the server reset, every 6 hours take around using your trial characters using Zygor's recommended tlpd path, or use some of the paths found online (just Google em). Yes, I killed 21 Vyragosa in a single week!
  • Shards for Warmode on and off are different, I highly recommend warmode off.
  • In the above list of mounts, you can't loot with trials, having a friend helps. When you find the rare, invite your friend make him the party leader and logoff, he tags it you log on come with your main and join the party and you tag it and loot.
  • Warlock's Deathbolt talent and Foxicopter Toy are the only two things that can safely tag without killing all other toys that used to work no longer do after 8.0.1.
  • Having a mage friend who can port your trials to draenor is helpful, if you don't have a mage friend, you can log in to your main server and note down the names of all mages online in stormwind/orgrimmar, log in to your trial char and whisper them (w/charactername-realm) and ask them politely to make a portal for stormshield draenor.
  • If you have zero friends who want to camp TLPD with you, here's how you zone your main character in once you find TLPD with your trial. Follow the steps very carefully:
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How to Get Voidtalon of the Dark Star using Class Trials:

You can enter the portal, accept the scenario as well as loot the mount with a trial character, here are spawn timer, camp route and some tips to camp for the portal:

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With 8.3 came some class trial changes! Below is a current up to date list on what trials can and cannot loot.
The list will be adjusted accordingly once more testing has been completed, if you have any new discoveries please PM me with a picture etc.
Thank you to those who have been actively testing so we can keep this up to date! 

Mounts obtainable using class trials
● Frightened Kodo - Tested
● Garrison Bosses - Tested
● Grey Riding Camel - Tested
● Long-Forgotten Hippogryph  - Tested
● Luk'hok - Tested (only Draenor rare that can be looted)
● Voidtalon - Tested

Mounts unobtainable using class trials
● Aeonaxx
● Alani
● Argus Rares
● Draenor Rares - minus Luk'hok
● Huolon
● Poseidus
● Tanaan Rares
● Time-Lost Proto-Drake
● Warbringers
● World Bosses

This method isn't just confined to farming mounts, you can use a trial character to phase in your main character to an empty shard. Use your imagination what can you do if you had an empty zone all for yourself? Here are some things I've done:

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If you have any more tips that you could do in an empty zone, I'd love to hear them!
If You've found the mount you wanted for so long using this method, please edit your comment and mention it, I'll try to include them below, helping you guys get the mounts is the reason I took the time to make this guide.

If you really want to support me and the site, for this information you can click on the Donate button at the top of the site.

Member Screenshots/Experiences/Feedback:

\First_FLT' Comment #10 Wrote:Thanks, worked amazing for me!
\Dreadpaw' Comment #23 Wrote:thanks for this!
it works !
\InvincibleReign' Comment #28 Wrote:Replying to see the content, hope if find a TLPD been camping the bad boy since Cata Sad


[Image: 61b9cd82564df7bd592f0031bc864e6b.png]

I created my first trial on the first recommended RP realm on EU from this post, learnt mage dalaran portal and my heart skipped when I found tlpd just flying in front of me i woke my friend up from sleep called him waited for him to boot up the pc login get near me to tag so i can login from my main and tag. this took around 10 mins and every second my palms were sweaty from exitement and fear that someone will kill it and tlpd was still up noone killed him. coming from tarren mill server when i go ulduar i can see so many ppl camping tlpd spawn points and to just see him roaming around in rp realms is simple unbelievable! thank you again for this method, Ill try to get missing wod mounts as well
\firedisc' Comment #34 Wrote:Thanks I'll check this out!

Update I got Voidtalon mount!! I camped the portals back in draenor with a friend and got so jealous of him that he got it and I didn't back then and i finally got it I simply am lost for words. I made 5 trials and logged in every hour to check, got it within 6 hours I posted this comment to check the method.
[Image: 20181207_220342.jpg]
\Herkeza' Comment #38 Wrote:Well, I've already gotten Pathrunner using this method on a US realm. I'm fingers crossed and hopeful for the others, replying to see the surprise information Wink

Faithlessly\ Comment #54 Wrote:Replying to see content, will update if it works for me.

EDIT: I'm absolutely amazed. Within 1 hour I have most mounts from Draenor INCLUDING VOIDTALON! I love this post! Thank you so much!
amarysumbra\ Comment #76 Wrote:Can confirm this tactic worked! I managed to find the TLPD within the 1st 30 min. Sadly lost him but I did get him just a day later using this. HOWEVER, I cant seem to get this method to work for Aeonaxx. ;_; at least using cross realm assist just to show what realm im on, when i join my main I still remain on my original server. Anyone have any confirmed tactics that they've used that got them sharded into the realm they were grouping in on?

Aeonaxx spawn has been changed in 8.1, he can now be killed and tagged in a group. Just ask your guild or friends to help you camp in other RP realms and everyone zone in once you found him.

\KaseyStat' comment#155 Wrote:Thanks for answering my previous question, I have a few more if you are able to answer I would appreciate it

Sharding means the same thing as phasing? So basically RP servers have their own separate phases? or "Shards"

Meaning, this is only possible on the RP realms I am surprised the RP realms are not all connected in some way my server is "connceted" with one other server but I often see other people in my same phase, meaning we are sharing rares etc... I don't quite understand how that all work but am very interested to know.

Since there is only 8 recommended realms to create characters on would it not be worth it to create duplicate characters to farm different things on the same server, possibly with warmode on some?

The server reset for Void Talon is that daily or weekly reset?
Did you mainly look for rares only after server resets or was that only for Void Talon?
Did you mainly farm one rare with all your trials?
For TLPD if you could link the guide/route you used if it's any better than the 4 standard circle paths I can find on google I just wonder which direction he flys and how high he flys, on the paths i've looked for this information but mostly people just tell you the spawn points which in this case he is most likely flying around unless this has become that popular already - unfortunately poundfist still eludes me even with this trick at 3-6am when it's most dead not sure if i'm just unlucky or what I thought he would surely be easy to find as these servers are insanely inactive.  I'm sure it's just a matter of time though.

Thank you for this guide and your time
Also I just got Poundfist the last rare I needed besides Void Talon about 15 mins ago, thanks to you and this guide thanks so much!!!  Heart

I have separated the RP servers in my list by commas, RP servers in a single line have a single shard of war mode on and off
For example in my list of EU realms Moonglade, Steamwheedle Cartel, The Sha'tar - this implies the 3 realms all share a single shard for warmode on and a different shard for warmode off.

Weekly reset
The example is only for voidtalon, other rares also have a respawn timer that resets after weekly reset, for example tlpd has a 2-8 hour timer shared by vyragosa to spawn after weekly reset.
Check youtube for spawn points and the videos made for them, TLPD flys in varying heights depending on where he spawns. Uldir spawn is quite high. Below the temple of storms is where I just left a character at medium height, 3 spawn routes connect there. TLPD roams very slowly.

WoD rares like nakk the thunderer and poundfist were really a pain in the butt for me to get. They have some insane spawn timer when one is killed + people mostly level in gorgrond because of the XP buff, so it's always killed even on RP realms.

\Mhshotting' comment#599 Wrote:I got my Voidtalon today after all those years and i can't fucking believe it!! Sorry for not having a pic it's not accepting imgur links. Really thank you so fucking much you're the best!!

Edit: provided screenshots on comment #606
[Image: 6ee5c4346ad7f7afefd935a6fbcb92ee.jpg]
Cenarion Circle-US at 14:00 server time created 6 different trials this was my 2nd day trying to find him with the method. Me and my friend are now on a quest for Aeonaxx, still can't thank you enough[/color]

\'Poppiholla' comment#607 Wrote:The hunt is finally over. Thanks so much!

[Image: 7u8kqcpg.jpg]

\'wndgrdnz' comment#693 Wrote:Thank you for the information kind sir

UPD: Now I am a happy Voidtalon owner with a couple more WoD mounts along the way. The method still works, and it works like a glove. Got it on a Saturday night, just bumped into a portal.
[Image: unknown.png]

Latest success image:

BeelzebubUK\ comment#1160 Wrote:I can now confirm that this still works for Aeonaxx using the class trial method with one account. I only logged on to check about 6 times Smile

Thanks again to Phoen1x

[Image: x3bq7Qci_o.jpg]

Bluecore\ Wrote:HEY! I just got Voidtalon AND PoundFist (used the custom group inviting my main). 
Got pound fist 48 hours after weekly reset on RP realm.
Got Voidtalon 48 hours + 2hours11 minutes (checked 2/3 times on each RP realm at 9, then 10 then 11am)
Thank you so much! 

[Image: 1593767876-wowscrnshot-070320-110742.jpg]
Fonnix\ comment#'158293 Wrote:Cool guide! gonna try this out. Will post any success here after. Smile

EDIT: 1 Week later +2 mounts

EDIT: The day after my previous edit I found these.
There are a lot more comments, but this post ran out of space to include them all Sad

I have written over 350+ guides for World of Warcraft on this forum. 
If my content has helped you and you wish to support me, please check the Donate option on the top of the site menu.
thanks for this!
[+] 2 users say Thank You to veny123 for this post
thanks for this!
Thanks for this guide mate, I hope it helps, Im gonna try it!
Interesting, will try to out.
(11-25-2018, 09:57 PM)veny123 Wrote:
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thanks for this!

Thx too
(12-02-2018, 07:19 PM)xytrass Wrote:
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(11-25-2018, 09:57 PM)veny123 Wrote:
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thanks for this!

Thx too

(12-02-2018, 07:19 PM)xytrass Wrote:
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thanks for this!

Thx too
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Sounds interesting enough
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Thanks, worked amazing for me!
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Thanks for putting this together!
thanks for this!
Thanks for the information!
Thanks for this from an avid mount collector
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