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Hi - need some help!

Im old player in wow - but never rich.
My gold pool are always bad so i start to research a site which can help mi with that.

So when i say HELLO
I also got some questions...

Im start leveling on new realm a new character...
My old legion main is Paladin [cause CM from mop and wod < 3] but i dont think is good for gold farming in some ways so...

Question list:
1. Is Paladin any good in gold making? JC and Enchanting are proofs i got
 Im think about leveling and here's a list a class what i think about: can u talk about them in ideas of gold farming?
 2. Warlock
 3. Mage
 4. Monk
 5. Priest
 6. DK's
 7. Druid

Thx for help!
And pardon for my english!
Class choice hardly matter in terms of god making, every class can make gold viably at end game.
JC and enchanting is your choice of professions, so all you have to do really is buy mats from AH craft the profitable end products and list them on AH.
Get an addon like TSM3 which shows crafting profit for crafting. Keep a look out on trade chat for people selling mats lower than AH and buy them cut gems, make enchants and youll be rich in no time.

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