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[Herbalism + Mining] Route to farm Leystone Ore and Starlight Rose with server Hop
You need  Rank3 for farming Starlight Rose (not sure about Leystone since I don't have mining). 
With this route i managed to get a bit more than 80 Starlight Rose in 30min, that might not sound much but considering you get only one per herb, unless you get a mob, that number is pretty decent, The reason why this works best with Rank3 is because you won't get failed attempt so each herb will grant you 1 Starlight Rose and also there is a chance that one - two more will spawn + the mob. Now that 80 (and few more) I got are worth a little bit over 8k gold on my realm ( haven't tried to mill them but i guess I could get more out of them with some luck ), so that is more than 16k gold per hour, considering you sell them. This route will also work for mining and even better if you have both gathering professions + the best part of this route is that there are no obs that can attack you ( there is only two packs next to Starlight Rose, one wont aggro you if you get from right side and the other one has one mob that will die in sec ),

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2. This is where you start, as you can see on the picture, you follow the route that is marked with red ( black X is a spot where 2 herbs can spawn + 1-2 Leystone deposits ), I follow the read route because that way you can see all the spawns in a range and 95% of them wont have any mobs close to them so you won't aggro anything. 

[Image: MNXBKJj.jpg]

This is just to see timer and how many I had at the start
[Image: tmpi5wU.jpg]

3. After 30min of farming

[Image: aacr8EN.jpg]

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