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Hello there !
Such a good surprise I had this morning digging up metawow from the unsorted miserable mess that is my chrome favorite manager Big Grin

This forums has been a huge help in the past. I am not a big contributor as I am mostly learning things from others and incapable of beeing the one discovering new ways to farm and sharing them but I am so grateful and happy to see that people are still actively sharing things here.

I resubbed this morning to play a bit of classic and I wanted to check my wow related favs to see what is still relevant, I would not have thought to endup here again.

Thanks to all for keeping this place alive <3
[+] 1 user says Thank You to iKoyy for this post
Welcome, that is one of the best posts I have seen on here in years.

I am posting a lot more gold making for classic > Retail. So I hope that can help you out.

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