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Hello everybody
Hi guys..

Just wanted to say hello.. :-)  I joined this site a few weeks ago...  and I just found this thread to say hello and introduce myself.. :-)

I played WOW since it was beta.. in december 2004. I played until 2012 then I stopped playing.
The last 4-6 months I was thinking and missing the game.. I especially was thinking when I was leveling my NE rogue in Hillsbrad Foothils.. hearing the dogs barking far away during night time.. that was awesome.. I really enjoyed it.. lol..  so 3 months ago I checked to see if my blizzard account was still there.. I had a screenshot of my authenticator  restore code on my dropbox, so no problem to log on and see all my chars..
So I payed blizz -> activated my acc.. and checked my stuff.. amazing, all my stuff and my heirlooms were still there.. actually my heirlooms were already made level 1.. which was nice...
I used around 2 months, to just logon 1-2 times per week.. and go places in the world.. just looking at nature, and graphics, seeing old places, etc... which I like a lot.. 
Last month I decided to level my chars from 90 to 110, so I needed Zygor.. which I have used before. 
So I found this site, and also saw that other interesting stuff was here.. so I supported you guys for doing this..;-)

Keep up the good work..
Thanks for the support, and wow you've played for a long time!
Personally, I started playing during the post TBC pre-wrath expansion and yeah thanks for the kind words on the site.
I've always wanted a place where I can post all of my guides and tutorials and decided to launch this site.

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