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Guide: Learn How to Get & Use Runescape 2007 Bolt Pouch
The bolt pouch OSRS is an item allowing players to carry multiple kinds of bolts in one inventory slot. Here is a bolt pouch guide to help you learn how to get and use this pouch.

How to obtain the bolt pouch OSRS?

To get the bolt pouch, you need to purchase it from Hirko OSRS, who can be found in the Keldagrim crossbow shop on the east side of the river. It costs 1,500 gp to purchase a pouch.
Notice that you need to ask Hirko about ammo first in order to have the option to purchase a bolt pouch. The pouch cannot be bought in Hirko's normal shop.

How can you use the bolt pouch OSRS?

You are able to carry multiple kinds of bolts in one inventory slot by using the bolt pouch. There are four slots within OSRS bolt pouch, and each of them can hold 10,000 bolts of a single type. You must use bolts with a pouch to store them in the pouch. You can see an interface when left-clicking on the pouch, which shows what bolts are in the pouch and what you have equipped in your ammo slot. There is the option to remove bolts from the pouch or swap them with what you have equipped available via right-click options.
Notice: Mithril grapples and bolt racks cannot be stored in bolt pouches.

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