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[Guide] How to level 101-110 Quickly Hungers End XP Farming
Similar to another post in this similar quest line. This one is phased and you can do it if you've completed the previous quest where the mob then becomes invisible.

LVLING/FARMING RESTED XP by killing Excess Power mobs

zone: Azsuna-Legion
class: better for classes with max 15 sec CD on interrupt/kick spell

1. choose Azsuna questline from map strike point in Order Hall (optional)
2. complete questline in Illidari Stand (part 1 of achiev Azsuna Matata is Behind Legion Lines) 
3. complete quests at Azsurewing Repose & quests of Runas the Shamed at Ley-Ruins at Zarkhenar and flyquest back to Azsurewing Repose
4. complete 2 quest and u will get  Hunger's End quest (DONT FINISH THIS QUEST)

Hunger's End quest is to kill Orbyth and Ael'Yith

Kill Orbyth and start farming Excess Power mobs from Ael'Yith which are spawn with  Wild Magic Wild Magic spell every 20 sec (4 of them)

Using this tacts atm:
- nuke down Orbyth and Ael'Yith jumps down

- position yourself facing back to the wall/stone in front to the Ael'Yith

- He begin casting  Energy Expulsion, u can position yourself (and standing still) so u wont get knockback 

- after that he cast  Energy Drain spell IMPORTANT that u interrupt it (it is long cast/channeled time + annyoing and so u can maximize xp in shortest time)

- after that he cast  Wild Magic which spawns Excess Power to random location (cuz u are back to wall/stone all spawns at random location will come infront of u, they wont get behand your back)

- single target those 4 Excess Power mobs (try to minimize dmg to Ael'Yith, macros are helpfull) 

- and repeat sequence (each last about 20 sec, depend when/if u interput Energy Drain spell) 

Ael'Yith fight sequence
* Spell Energy Expulsion (do nothing, position for knockback)
* Spell Energy Drain (MUST interrupt)
* Spell Wild Magic -> kill 4 spawn mobs (those mobs are farmable and gives huge xp with low HP - 1 shot)

- u can reset Ael'Yith by leaving area or abandon/repick Hunger's End quest

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farming these give average over 1k rested exp per mob (around 5k per sequence) depend on your char lvl 
(it increases with guild banner, darkmoon buff, 13th anni Blizz buff, holiday events xp buffs, .....)

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pros & cons
+ fast rested exp
+ u are phased nobody cant interrupt you
+ INN nearby (in cave)
+ flypoint nearby
+ additional xp increases with buffs 
+ easy resetting
+ lvling alts and resting at INN
- it gets boring
- less effective (without rested exp) (-useless)!

Happy farming/lvling Smile

P.S. This is similiar farming rested xp to WoD and repicking quest  Shadows Awaken by killing Karnoth from lvl 90-93/94 (for ally only or horde counterpart in BladeSpine citidel).
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