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[Guide] How to download Twitch Clips after the May Update
Twitch has added an invisible overlay on their video player to capture all clicks, when you try to right click save as on Twitch now, it will download a blank .html file but fret not, I have a solution to your problems.

If you are on Chrome download this extension, some of you already have it since it's so popular and almost required to browse the internet nowadays:

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For Firefox users:

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Once you have installed it, click on the extension icon and click the icon that says go to dashboard:

Once in dashboard, navigate to the My Filters tab on the top, we will add a new filter that disables the twitch invisible overlay.

At the very bottom after all the default filters, enter this on a new line:

Now click on Apply changes, that's it. Now you can right click and download a twitch clips just like before.

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