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[Guide] How to Win Every Pet Battle WQ in BfA [Using only Level 1 Pets]
If you still haven't noticed, the Pet battle WQ givers pets are scaled by your pet's level, so if you have collected a bunch of lvl 1 pets just sitting there gathering dust, you can knock all of these WQs out without ever losing if you follow this guide. 
The only WQ that doesn't scale by your pet's level is boss pet battles that make you fight a single lvl 25 pet so keep that in mind. 
Also, make sure all your 3 pet slots are lvl 1 pets, you can change pet roster by using hotkey Ctrl + P or whatever keybind you have for your mount tab and select Pet Journal from below.

Now, let's start with how you can be invincible and knock off any pet battle WQ in BfA with ease.

Start the pet battle, hover over all three of your opponent's pets and just remember their pet families eg: beast, critter, aquatic, flying, etc

Now, forfeit before selecting your attack, forfeiting before you doesn't count as a loss and you do get the achievement for never losing a pet battle if you are an achievement hunter.

With the knowledge of your opponent's pet families, choose your counter 3 pets. I will give you a list of hard counter and soft counter, if you don't have a pet from the hard counter, you can select a pet from the soft counter family too.

BfA Pet Battle Cheatsheet:

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Hmm this i do need to know, thanks.
Cheers for sharing ty
Sounds interesting, thanks!
finally! No more suffering <3
Sounds interesting, thanks!

Sounds interesting, thanks!
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