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[Guide] How to Run TSM on 2 Computers Using Dropbox Sync [Step by Step]
Getting TSM to be in Sync especially if you are using 2 computers like me, when I am at home I use my home PC, but I want to stay updated with my sales and profits at work as well. I found a solution to sync my TSM between two PCs.


1. Download 
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 and create an account on the site.

2. Find the exact location WTF folder inside of your WoW installation, for example, the default is: C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\WTF

3. Find the location of your Dropbox and create a folder say "WoW" (e.g. C:\Dropbox\WoW)

4. Now, Cut and paste all the files and folders inside of your wow\WTF folder into your new Dropbox folder.

5. Open Command Prompt in Admin 
  • For Windows 10 users, hit windows key and type cmd, right click run as admin.
  • For Windows 7 users, Windows Key + R and write cmd and hit enter.
  • You can also search for cmd in Windows and right click run as admin.

6. In the Cmd prompt window type:

mklink /d "C:\World of Warcraft\WTF" "C:\Dropbox\WoW"
Obviously, replace the locations above in the code with your own locations for both folders.]
7. Repeat same steps on your other computer or work laptop and you're done.

8. Now, Create a backup of your WTF folder by just saving it wherever but not inside the WoW folder so if you mess up this next step up you can go back by just copying the WTF folder inside wow folder again.
9. Once you have made a backup of WTF folder, delete them both from your wow directory on both PC only keep the WTF folder on Dropbox.
10. Test it, it should be working if you've done everything perfectly.

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