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[Guide] How To Sim Your WoW Character in 5 Steps + See Gear % Upgrade in Realtime
1. Download addons from the Twitch Client and restart game:
  • Simulation Craft
  • Pawn
2. In your game chat window, type /simc, copy the entire text that comes up.

3. Go to Raidbots.com
  1. To find best gear from your bags, click on top gear.
  2. To find out the best stats for your spec, click stat weights.
  3. To find out best talents for your spec, click on Talent Compare.
4. Ctrl + V To paste all the copied text, Whatever option you selected above, select the options below to further optimize it:
  • To optimize your gear for Single Target DPS (for mythic+): In Simulation options choose Patchwerk, 1 boss, 1 or 2 minute length.
  • To optimize your gear for Single Target DPS (for Raids): In Simulation options choose Patchwerk, 1 boss, 5 minutes length.
  • To optimize your gear for AOE DPS: In Simulation options choose Patchwerk, 6 bosses, 20 seconds length.
Set SimC version to Nightly especially during early expansion when stat weights change a lot and they push changes almost daily. Set all buffs to 0.

5. Now, to get realtime % upgrade in your gear tooltip (whenever you get a gear, it will show you how much % it's an upgrade for you) we will use these stat weights and plug them into Pawn.
  • Press default keybind C or open character panel.
  • Below trinket slot there should be pawn button, click on it.
  • Go to scale tab below, set it to manual and click import and import your stat weights after simming your stat weights on raidbots.
  • You can import both single target and AOE differently and it will show you how much upgrade the dropped gear is for single target and AOE.
If you've setup Pawn with raidbots stat weights, you will see an accurate % upgrade of your gear using your real-time stats like below:

[Image: 22cb3444485421b929219a9c32f20f5d.png]

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