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[Guide] 8.2 How To Obtain the Fabious mount [Location, Timer, etc]
The method of obtaining the Fabious mount has been found! In order to get this creature, you must take a selfie using the S.E.L.F.I.E. toy/item with the NPC Fabious. 

The NPC appears to be on a spawn timer of approximately 2-8 hours, and will spawn as a neutral, immune mob around the coordinates 25, 29 in Nazjatar. 

A full raid group of 40+ CAN get the mount from a single spawn, as he does not despawn immediately after one person gets the mount. 

Spawn Location: 

[Image: unknown.png]

About the NPC

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is an NPC that spawns around Bloodfin Village. See the spawn location in the pic above for reference. He walks around the lake in the center of the village, then runs towards the water barrier and despawns. Fabious has very little health but is immune to all attacks and spells.

How To Get The Fabious Mount

You need to use the
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item and take a selfie with him.
You shouldn't aggro him. The range of picture doesn't matter as long as he is in the frame.
The mount will be awarded straight in your bags and not via Mail

[Image: 3a1329b05aac8cbd4ea0b2a7a4cd4394.png]

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