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There are not very many quests in game at the moment but you will start the game earning Cubits for the tutorial quests. After you complete all of these Tutorial Quests you will end up with no quests at all. However, once you hit Mastery level 30 You will find yourself with a "Challenge Quest" for the first 20 minutes of every hour which we will touch on later. As the best site to buy Trove Flux, gold.raiditem can guarantee 100% cheap price and safe, fast delivery. 

You will get a lot of the basics down by progressing through &klo2k the tutorial quests. You will learn about Cornerstones and how to deconstruct gear as well as how to clear out dungeons. Clearing dungeons is the fastest way to level your True Character Level But will not level your Mastery by itself. When Clearing dungeons you will gain XP along with Trove Flux various other resources. Every resource in the game is usable for something and the only thing you will get in mass that you will throw away regularly is an Old Boot which can be used to craft Allies (pets) but other than that.. its useless.

Simple and easiest to get in-game currency. You get this while going around the world, defeating enemies, or doing dungeons. Use this to trade with shops in Treasure isles and the hub world.Cubits - Harder to gold.raiditem get in-game currency. You get these by raising your mastery level and completing tutorial challenges.

Mastery is your account level. You raise it by doing almost anything in the game from crafting to buy Trove Flux completing dungeons. Each mastery level unlock something like cubits or increased health for example. The main use of this is unlocking more classes. Check out my How to Unlock New Classes in Trove guide for more information.

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