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[Free] Skillcapped Paid WoW PvP Video Guides for all classes from Rank 1 Gladiators
UPDATE: Latest Thread for Patch 7.3.5 below:


Old Content:

Compilation of the guides shared on private members only section of Skill Capped:


All of the guide makers are multi-season Gladiators from top pvp guilds.

So far these are the video guides released for the current patch, I will update with more as they are released.

Last added videos: 28 November 2017

I have taken the time to compile this for you, please enjoy rank 1 gladiator guides for free:

  1. Unholy DK 3v3 Guide | How To Play Defensively As An Unholy Death Knight
  2. Unholy DK 3v3 Guide | Managing Your Interrupts As A Melee Cleave
  1. Knowing Your Enemy | How To Counter Demon Hunters
  2. Demon Hunter Course Guide | Momentum - Maximize Your Damage Efficiency
  3. Demon Hunter Course Guide | Maximizing Your Damage

  1. Feral Druid 3v3 Guide | The Importance Of Pre-Healing Burst Windows
  2. Resto Druid Course Guide | Healing To The Top - Talbytree's Guide To Keeping Your Team Alive
  3. Resto Druid Course Guide | Proving Your Worth - Utilizing Druid's Most Powerful Ability: Cyclone
  4. Resto Druid Course Guide | Bear Form - The Key to Survival
  1. BM Hunter 3v3 Guide | Viper Sting: The Answer To Limited Crowd Control
  1. Frost Mage 3v3 Guide | How To Burst Effectively As Frost Mage

  1. Mistweaver Monk Course Guide | Mastering the Mists - Soothing Your Partner's Wounds
  2. Windwalker Monk 3v3 Guide | How To Burst As Windwalker Monk
  3. Mistweaver RBG Playstyle

  1. Ret Paladin 3v3 Guide | Pure Of Heart: How To Counter Assassination Rogues
  2. Retribution Paladin Defensive Play | WoW PvP Guide
  3. Retribution Paladin Targeting, Swapping And Stunning | WoW PvP Guide
  4. Retribution Paladin Damage Guide | WoW PvP Guide
  1. Abusing The Two Healing Schools As A Disc Priest | WoW PvP Guide
  2. Discipline Priest 2v2 Playstyle | WoW PvP Guide
  3. Disc Priest 3v3 Guide | Knowing When It's Safe To Push For Fear
  4. Discipline Priest Healing Guide | WoW PvP Guide
  5. Shadow Priest Course Guide | Single Target Pressure, Bursting And Killing
  6. Shadow Priest Course Guide | Void Form - How To Get It And What To Do With It
  7. Shadow Priest Course Guide | Art of Survival
  1. Outlaw Rogue 3v3 Guide | Utilizing True Bearing For Efficient Cooldown Trades
  2. Assassination Rogue 3v3 Guide | When To Prioritise Spreading Poisons And Bleeds
  3. Outlaw Rogue 3v3 Guide | Using Your Artifact To Burst As Outlaw
  4. Outlaw Rogue Course Guide | Ultimate True Bearing Guide
  5. Outlaw Rogue Course Guide | Dealing Damage And Using Your Crowd Control
  1. Using Offensive CDs And Disrupting Healers | WoW PvP Guide
  2. Enhancement Shaman Course Guide | Perfecting Your Damage And Purging: Overwhelm Teams With Insane Pressure
  3. Enhancement Shaman Course Guide | How To One Shot: Understanding Windfury
  1. Demonology Warlock Course Guide | Setting Up And Executing One Shots
  2. Demonology Warlock Course Guide | Playstyle Explanation And How To Deal Damage
  1. Arms Warrior 3v3 Guide | Overpower vs Mortal Strike: Maximising Single Target DPS

Enjoy! If you can, please help me by creating mirrors for these.

I have written over 350+ guides for World of Warcraft on this forum. 
If my content has helped you and you wish to support me, please check the Donate option on the top of the site menu.
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3 New Video guides were added today along with an update to Paladin guide I have updated the original post with links to download.

I have written over 350+ guides for World of Warcraft on this forum. 
If my content has helped you and you wish to support me, please check the Donate option on the top of the site menu.
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