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[Free Download] Joana's Paid Classic WoW Leveling Guide 1-60 [Latest Version]
спасибо за этот драгоценный камень
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thank man Big Grin, keep up the great work!
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Danke dir foollll MUCH
Thanks dude. Awesome
ty will try this
thanks this is really good
Smile Thanks for this
Thank you for the link
(08-27-2019, 02:02 PM)Phoen1x Wrote: Here it is, managed to screenshot all Joana's leveling content before her site went down during the Classic Release.

Took a lot of time to screenshot each and every page (total 147 pages!) and then arrange it in a downloadable .pdf format. had nothing better to do while waiting for the queues.

But, it's finally here! Enjoy.

Leveling in Classic WoW becomes so much easier with this guide as often you'll be missing a few steps or a quest chain before you can proceed to the next section. 

You can also use this guide as a reference tool to help you with leveling.

This guide is intended to be used for speed leveling purposes only, so make sure that you are okay with skipping some lore-heavy quests in order to cut down your time on leveling.

The guide is very detailed, with color-coding of all steps plus it's made by Joana who won the fastest to level 60 and the Blizzard fastest to level contest winner back during original Classic.

See screenshots below:

and here is a screenshot of the steps in the guide:

Update 31 August, edited the entire pdf to now include clickable checkboxes to track your progress.

Reuploaded the guide 41 times because of the takedown notices Sad on multiple hosting platforms

If you want to help me, please make mirrors and PM me with it. 
Classic is all about helping each others right? 

Download Link (Total 147 Pages): Keeping it alive hourly

If you're looking for a better, more convenient, completely in-game level helper addon.
Zygor Guides has been released for Classic WoW, link below:

TY so much for ur work
Thanks for this  Smile

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