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FFXIV: Destro/Rsham or Hpal/Arms?
My partner and I are having a lot of trouble against Hpal/Arms as Destro/Rsham. We are hovering at about 2100 currently but have nearly a 35% win rate against this comp specifically.

Currently, we have two different ideas we try to implement but they both seem to be losing battles. We try chasing the Hpal around the pillars while we have shadow fury up and optimally once we get an opportunity for a go I hex the warrior while he is seduced and we have shadowfury on the paladin. We then fear the paladin and just start blasting.

We generally get Hpal trinket, bubble or warrior trinket and more
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. This turns the match into a time battle of my mana bar lasting for 3-4 successful go’s. This is what we have had the most success doing but anything going wrong (poor fear pathing, fear resist due to sacred cleansing) really set us behind and if it happens more than once we likely just lose the match.

The other idea we have tried is to keep pulling the warrior away from the paladin to force the paladin out and try to setup on him that way to mitigate the risk of being in range for the hoj or poor fear pathing.

Mana seems to be the biggest issue so we have tried strategies revolving around drinking when we hex but then the match just extends and we have no clear kill opportunities.

I’m not convinced either of these strategies are the way to go so I’m looking for some general input on what other people have had success doing.

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