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[Event] WoW Classic: Hunter Pet Guide
Where to find Dwarven Hand Cannon? - Dropped by level 55-60 normal mobs and 55-61 elites wow classic gold for sale in Silithus, Winterspring, Western Plaguelands, Deadwind Pass, Stratcholme, Dire Maul, Scholomance, and Blackrock Spire.There are 3 pet categories in WoW Classic:

Defensive – Pets have more armor and health, but slower damage per second. Best choice for leveling.
Offensive – Pets cause more damage, but have less health and armor. They also generate more threat and have faster attack speed. Good for PVP.
Balanced – Pets of this type are between two previous. Usually it is the choice for raiding.

List of skills that can be learnt taming different kind of pets:

ability_racial_cannibalize Bite – Bites the enemy, causing extra damage.

ability_hunter_pet_boar Charge – Charges the enemy, immobilizing them for 1 sec and adding additional damage to your pet’s next attack.

ability_druid_rake Claw – Claws the enemy, dealing additional damage.

ability_druid_cower Cower – Deals no damage, but lowers your threat generation.

ability_druid_dash Dash – Increases movement speed by 50% for 15 sec. Does not break prowling.

spell_shadow_burningspirit Dive – Increases movement speed by 40% for 15 sec.

ability_hunter_pet_wolf Furious Howl – Party members receive additional damage on their next physical attack.

spell_nature_lightning Lightning Breath – Breathes lightning instantly dealing nature damage.

ability_druid_supriseattack Prowl – Puts your pet in stealth, but slows its movement speed by 50%. Your pets next attack will deal 20% bonus damage.

ability_poisonsting Scorpid Poison – Inflicts nature damage, stacking up to 5 times on a target.

ability_hunter_pet_bat Screech – Causes moderate damage and lowers the physical damage dealt by all enemies within melee range for 4 sec.

ability_hunter_pet_turtle Shell Shield – Reduces all damage your pet takes by 50% but increases the time between your pets attacks by 43%.

ability_hunter_pet_gorilla Thunderstomp – Shakes the ground dealing damage to all enemies within 8 yards.
Eastern Kingdoms:

Cat Family

1) Araga, 35 level , offensive, no skills, Hillsbrad Foothills.

Bear Family

1) Bjarn, 12 level, defensive, Claw 2, Dun Morogh.

2) Old Vicejaw, 14 level, defensive, no skills, Silverpine Forest.

3) Big Samras, 27 level, defensive, no skills, Hillsbrad Foothills.

Spider Family

1) Mother Fang, 10 level, offensive, no skills, Elwynn Forest.

2) Sri’skulk, 13 level, offensive, no skills, Tirisfal Glades.

3) Krethis Shadowspinner, 15 level, offensive, no skills, Silverpine Forest.

4) Chatter, 23 level, offensive, Bite 3, Redridge Mountains.

5) Leech Widow, 24 level, offensive, Bite 4, Wetlands.

6) Rekk’tilac, 48 level, offensive, Bite 7, Searing Gorge.

Scorpid Family

1) Clack the Reaver, 53 level, defensive, Claw 7, Blasted Lands.

Turtle Family

1) Cranky Benj, level 32, defensive, no skills, Alterac Mountains.

2) Ironback, level 51, defensive, no skills, The Hinterlands.

Wolf Family

1) Timber, 10 level, balanced, Bite 2, Dun Morogh.

2) Gorefang, 13 level, balanced, no skills, Silverpine Forest.

3) Lupos, 23 level, balanced, Bite 3, Duskwood.

4) Old Cliff Jumper, 42 level, balanced, Bite 6, Dash 2, The Hinterlands.

5) Deathmaw, 52 level, balanced, no skills, Burning Steppes.

Boar Family

1) Grunter, 50 level, defensive, Charge 5, Dash 3, Blasted Lands.

Gorilla family

1) Kurmokk, level 42, defensive, no skills, STV.

2) Konda, 43 level, defensive, no skills, STV.

Crocolisk Family

1) Large Loch Crocolisk, 22 level, defensive, Bite 3, Loch Modan.

2) Sewer Beast, 50 level, defensive, no skills, Stormwind.

Carrion Family

1) Lord Condar, 15-16 level, balanced, no skills, Loch Modan.

2) Vultros, 26 level, balanced, no skills, Westfall.

3) Spiteflyer, 52 level, balanced, Dive 3, Blasted Lands.

Hyena Family

1) Ravage, 51 level, balanced, Dash 3, Blasted Lands.

Raptor Family

1) Razormaw Matriarch, 31 level, offensive, no skills, Westland.

Bat Family

1) Ressan the Needler, 11 level, offensive, no skills, Tirisfal Glades.

Wind Serpent Family

1) Azzere the Skyblade, 25 level, offensive, no skills, The Barrens.

2) Hayoc, 41 level, offensive, no skills, Dustwallow Marsh.

3) Arash-ethis, 49 level, offensive, Dive 2, Lightening Breath 5, Feralas.

Wolf Family

1) Mist Howler, 22 level, balanced, Furious Howl 1, Ashenvale.

2) Barnabus, 38 level, balanced, Bite 6, Badlands.

3) Snarler, 42 level, balanced, Bite 6, Furious Howl 3, Feralas.

4) Death Howl, 49 level, balanced, Bite 6, Furious Howl 3, Felwood.

Cat Family

1) The Rake, 10 level, offensive, no skills, Mulgore.

2) Shadowclaw,13 level, offensive, no skills, Darkshore.

3) Dishu, 13 level, offensive, no skills, The Barrens.

4) Humar The Pridelord, 23 level, offensive, no skills, The Barrens.

5) Broken Tooth, 37 level, offensive, Dash 1, Badlands.

6) Rak’Shiri, 57 level, offensive, Dash 3, Winterspring.

Crab Family

1) Crusty, 31 level, defensive, no skills, Desolace.

Spider Family

1) Darkmist Widow, 40 level, offensive, no skills, Dustwallow Marsh.

Raptor Family

1) Dart, 38 level, offensive, no skills, Dustwallow Marsh.

Scorpid Family

1) Death Flyer, 11 level, defensive, Claw 2, Scorpid Poison 1, Durotar.

2) Vile Sting, 35 level, defensive, Claw5, Scarped Poison 2, Thousand Needles.

3) Krellack, 56 level, defensive, Scarped Poison 4, Silithus.

Hyena Family

1) Snort the Heckler, 17 level, balanced, no skills, The Barrens .

2) Giggler, 34 level, balanced, no skills, Desolace.

3) Murderous Bisterpaw, 43 level, balanced, no skills, Tanaris.

Carrion Family

1) Greater Firebird, 46 level, balanced, Dive 2, Tanaris.

2) Zaricotl, 55 level, balanced, Dive 3, Badlands.

Tallstrider Family

1) Mazzranache, 9 level, defensive, Cower 1, Mulgore.

2) Strider Clutchmother, 20 level, defensive, no skills, Darkshore.

Bear Family

1) Ursol’lok, 31 level, defensive, no skills, Ashenvale.

2) Old Grizzlegut, 43 level, defensive, Claw 6, Feralas.

3) Mongress, 50 level, defensive, Claw 7, Felwood.

Owl Family

1) Olm the Wise, 52 level, offensive, Claw 7, Dive 3, Winterspring.

Crocolisk Family

1) Ripscale, 39 level, defensive, Bite 6, Dustwallow Marsh.

Gorilla Family

1) Uhk’loc, 52 level, defensive, Bite 7, Un’Goro Crater.

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