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Event Winter's Veil is Coming! Some Gold Making Opportunities
Update: It seems like Blizzard rereleased the same event as last year, but deliberately removed the item I was telling you guys to farm.
With the leveling being 40% longer in 7.3.5 and new races in BfA it seems Blizzard's motive is clear sell as many level up boosts through the store as possible.

Remember the 
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? Yeah...

Those are getting sold for nearly 80k a pop right now and with Winter's Veil hopefully, the daily event only quests that gave Merry Supplies return.

Last time if you had a level 3 garrison, there would be a special vendor 
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 who would sell you a
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 which contained a lot of goodies 
like elixir of the rapid mind, 
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, a pet, medallion of the legion, and a +50ilvl token for the follower.

The merry supplies are Bind on Account so you can farm them with alts of different servers as well and then send them to a character where you would
buy the savage gifts and then hoard the elixirs until price rise (last time during winter's veil the elixir was sold for around 3k each).

It's a daily level 100 quest that shows up in your garrison so the more alts you have with a lvl 3 garrison the more you can farm these.

Investment opportunities are also good here, buy them during the event for as cheap as possible and hoard them for price rise a few months, the value will easily rise and will always rise.

Bonus: In the new expansion Battle for Azeroth, the new allied races look super cool, so people will be levelling a lot of alts and what will reduce their levelling time?
Yes, your Elixir of Rapid mind! Be smart when you sell it the opportunities are huge here.

Another farm before the winter veil is small eggs, they will be needed during the winter's veil for achievement hunters.

AFK spot is a beach in Westfall (coordinates 27, 43) where a few birds spawn constantly after they're killed. Farm them on a hunter by just standing in one spot and then use pet to loot.
Feral dragonhawks in Blood elf starting area, they drop 1-2 per mob. 

And the old trick of buying ice cold milk from the inn vendor and re-selling on the AH for the lazy guys.
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I went ahead and did the quests on all my toons. Got 1 Grumpus today Big Grin
It's time to start putting this into effect. Let's see how much can be made.
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