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ElvUI like Addon For vanilla WoW Nostalrius/Elysium - RisenUI
[Image: eVutxka.jpg]
[Image: gjjnWs7.jpg]
[Image: wgtTflH.jpg]
[Image: kQF0kCI.jpg]
Addons included
Align - A grid overlay to help you align your UI
Bartender2 - Actionbars
CyCircled - Actionbar theme
simpleMinimap - Enhanced minimap
Tinytip - Enhanced and custom tooltips
Fubar - Bottom panel, many quality of life enhancements
Luna Unit Frames - Player/Target/ToT/Raid frames - v2.x latest
VCB - Improved buff/debuff frame
oCB3 - The quartz of castbars for 1.12
OmniCC - Ability action bar timers
ShaguPlates - Custom name plates with debuffs, and enemy cast bar
KTM threat meter - Version 17.35
Big wigs - Boss timers
DPSMate - Advanced combat analysis 
Mik's scrolling battle text continued - Scrolling combat txt
Atlas - Backported TBC version for 1.12 (Includes Atlas, Atlasloot & AtlasQuest) 
Onebag - Consolidated bag frame
Onebank - Consolidated bank frame
Prat - Enhanced chat
Cartographer - Enhanced maps + Herb and mining node support
Postal - Improved mail (Open all, Send multiples)
Crafty - Improved professions interface
Extended Quest Log - Improved quest log interface
Classic Snowfall - On press casting for all classes (Pretty much mandatory)
Lazypig - A must have for everyone, the ultimate quality of life addon
Xloot - Improved loot interface

Download the latest version here
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