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[EU/US] ★ Arkantos Boost PVP ★ Arena, RBG, Wins(cap), Coaching, Prestige
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[Image: QOu0ulI.jpg]
[Image: WYv8Vqy.png]

All Boost Legal, also can be Stream, NO Wintrading, NO Bots

You have to pay paypal taxes when gonna buy boost

Payments methods:

Contact Informations:

Skype: Artemarkantos

                                                                  p.s. also from others forum/site

Edaction;3335753 Wrote:today ordered 2k arena very cheap and fast. thanks alot!!!

Unlimka;3337419 Wrote:Had a positive experience with these, you can safely go in a deal with them and they will sort everything out. Friendly to speak with, will return and leave more feedbacks in the future. Thanks!

emelyswifty;3373893 Wrote:I just brought a 2.2k boost in 3v3, and it was well done, i recommend this service

Edison;3373863 Wrote:Had a positive experience with these, you can safely go in a deal with them and they will sort everything out. Friendly to speak with, will return and leave more feedbacks in the future. Thanks!

Phoebus91;3338343 Wrote:ordered their service to push my rdruid to 2,2k and do the 100wins. All worked very well and they are kind and reliable. The service was done within about 24 hours and one could reach them during daytime. Perfect! Can only recommand the guys. Greets form Germany.

Akkogeddon;3338906 Wrote:Great guys!
Did a 2k 3v3 and Cap selfplay, everything went fast and smooth,
Contactable on skype pretty much 24/7, perfect and highly recommendable guys!

nfx;3339677 Wrote:Good Service very nice! Fair and cheap A++
Got Gladiator Rating  in 3vs3.

djpromo;32867764 Wrote:Very good and reliable! Service is fast and support is very kind. (Also cheap and fair!)
Recommended 10/10!
(Knowing two of their players, they are good!)

WarL0rdWL;32892382 Wrote:Just buy 2v2 2k boost, very fast and cheap

Wipewipeme;2166155 Wrote:Many thanks for the boost. Rating up very quickly.I am always PvE but now I can try yourself in PvP, I'm so happy. (2400 raised for the evening)

Globemaster;3345470 Wrote:Had a pretty big RBG boost, these guys are goddamn good and really flexible, highly recommend. They will get the job done and the RBG guys were always up for a laugh. Thanks again!

Iaif;33087377 Wrote:Very good and fast service!

Horando;3350601 Wrote:Ordered 2,4k. They did in 12 hours, very nice and cheap service.

parmenionthegreat;33092142 Wrote:Really good service and players ! would recommend

Blacklox;3354056 Wrote:Ordered 100wins
Greatest service
Very nice contact, quick and professional service. 
definitely recommend this group for any of the services they provide.

Vargasi;3365077 Wrote:Good service, quick and easy!
Would recommend to others Smile

Mayaste;3366408 Wrote:Ordered 3v3 rating + mount + conquest cap , good service + nice price , was done in two days more or less Smile

BloodySariel;3370362 Wrote:Just have my 3v3 rating boost completed 

Friendly service, skilled boosters, good price., 
Strongly recommendedSmile

N0Lone;3371140 Wrote:get my rbg boost 1.5-2k, good services, 
I recommend

Edaction;3371215 Wrote:ordered long ago, they had 2K arena rating, I decided to order RBG, thanks for 1.8. Nice guys,low prices. I recommend to all

katai;33451820 Wrote:Very good boosters, done 6 rbgs wins for cap and all went smooth, also very fun group to deal with Big Grin

WarL0rdWL;33457962 Wrote:ordered 3rbg wins. Thanks guys

mAdlax;3373893 Wrote:Bought 1.8k boost self-play, cause i was tired to LFG. Reaching 1.8k was pretty easy, they were all around 1800-2000 rating. We even beated a certain #1 RBG team once...
Only downside was that it took a couple of days to get the boosting started.

-> I can recommend them

Vanilledonut;3374816 Wrote:Bought Rbgs Wins and Arena Wins

Well finished, first Rbg win had some problems his side, got 3 rbg wins next week for free Smile)

Nucleara321;3377145 Wrote:Bought conquest cap boost for an alt I am terrible at, lot of games lost due to bad plays by me but the guy put up with me for hours without one complaint

+++ service! will use again and great prices

cherryraptor;3379039 Wrote:me and my friend bought 3x rgb wins, took about 1.5hour to do, overall great service, abit raging players in the team tho, its a paid service afterall.
would do again. but a tip might be to be gentle on the paying customers you have. thx,.

DanneXXX;3380944 Wrote:Done 3 boosts, very reliable, good price and fast. boosts I did was 2k cap x2 and rbg wins! Recommended

Zarexyh;3383445 Wrote:Great powerleveling as always from Arkantos. Very well recommended Smile 90-100 Took no time at all

pranxterkid;3385581 Wrote:Bought 100 wins in 3v3, great service all the way, can gladly recommend this!
100 3v3 wins was done in no time, thaks!

Piruru;3342541 Wrote:Order Challenge gold for my Paladin, get done in one day. For challenge price not so low, but its fast and very reliable.

dmbardal;3385585 Wrote:Just got a saddle from them. Cheap, quick and professional!


Lbniese;3386031 Wrote:Very cheap prices. Thanks for the boost! Smile

Bernheim;3389091 Wrote:Extremely friendly guys! get 2,2k rating in 3s + 100wins. I will be back here and get more boosts!

Elewynn;3390841 Wrote:Purchased 2.2k 3s + 100 wins, great team, done swiftly. Thank you!

Ernaldaes;3392695 Wrote:Ordered yesterday and they finished in less than a day, great service would recommend!

labze;3393788 Wrote:I ordered a 3v3 arena boost to 2700 rating from these guys on a holy paladin that wasn't well geared beyond honor gear. Was fast to get in contact on skype and boost began within a day, communication was great and friendly. Was told it would take upto 5 days to get boost done, but was informed at day 4 that it would take longer as my gear wasn't too good. The delay was totally acceptable, they told me it would be upto 2 weeks but was done in under half that time so was happy about that. Considering i had previously been in contact with other boosters who only would do it if i also paid them for gearing me up (80€ for that) and also was more expensive than this service then i cant do anything but really recommend these guys. Great service and friendly, cheap price and even with their delay (due to my gear) i would say they do it fast Smile Very recommended!

prvef;3394239 Wrote:ordered my missing achievments from arena master they did it in 3 days was helpful the whole way through. They are also one of the few people i came across that do flexible boosts(2k-2.2k in my case) without having crazy prices. i would recommend them

Roflroflpwnt;3394372 Wrote:Did 0-2k in about 6 hours total, great service and amazing players.

Lightxz;3394758 Wrote:Reliable and good prices. I recommend them

Elewynn;3396887 Wrote:Bought another boost - 2.4 3s. Booster had some net problems but got the job done in the time they said they would - great service. Thank you.

pranxterkid;3397291 Wrote:best place to go for a boost, very decent prices, if you already got rating this is reflected good in the price, thanks for a nice and fast 2.2k boost!

c0olZzkidzZ;3357621 Wrote:good and awesome 2.2k in 5s, Best price, thanks for boost

Brahmawwvv;1351620 Wrote:Ordered 2k 2s. They did it in 2days, good services

whatthehellwasthat;3398538 Wrote:Bought a pvp achievement last man standing . just took 10 min to completed. awesome service , i can recommend! a plus

Infectedmushroom;3400909 Wrote:They managed to complete the boost in just 6~7 hours, very quick! Arkantos is a friendly person and the communication on Skype was good. Cheap prices, fast and proper service - can fully recommend Arkantos for all your boosting needs! Many thanks Arkantos and I will come back sometime for an other boost. Smile

trihard o7;3402272 Wrote:Arkantos helped me out so much. They boosted me to 2.4k in 3s on US servers! Amazing price, great contact, and great speed! It took 7 days to complete but was 100% understandable considering gear and being on US server. Very recommended, very helpful on skype, very professional and great prices. I would like to greatly thank Arkantos for doing this on US servers and I will be sure to recommend your services to people I know and will use it again myself. 11/10 would recommend the best boosting service around!!!

Lightxz;3402560 Wrote:Bought Arena boost + 100 wins ! Smooth & reliable ! I recommend them A++

V3n3z;3403394 Wrote:Ordered a 2400 3's boost. Super fast delivery, all went smooth. Highly recommended!
Thanks again Arkantos!

Lightxz;3403643 Wrote:They helped me out with my RBG rating. Really reliable and fast service! I recommend them A++

Infectedmushroom;3403995 Wrote:They boosted me in 2vs2 to 1800+ in just ~2 hours! Very, very fast and reliable. I can recommend them to anyone who wants their boost done properly and quickly - thanks Arkantos! Smile

fested;3432931 Wrote:Arkantos help me reach my 2,2k in RBG, really fast and smooth. Highly recommended them. Thanks!

whatthehellwasthat;3404860 Wrote:Ordered 2.4k , will update this post!


* * * * * * * SEVEN STAR SERVICE * * * * * * *

everything went perfect . Arkantos is a really helpful friend. I call him friend because he is a really good guy out there ! . 2.4 K just took 2.30 hours to be completed. They are really professional players. He always answers what you need and being a kind guy. 

This was my SECOND trade with them and this is not LAST trade.  . I am really happy with their service


Kanrethad;3407311 Wrote:I ordered a 2,2k rating on 2s. These guys started playing immediately and provided me a stream link so I can be sure that the games played are legit and not zombie mode wintrading. Service is going steadily fine so far!

Will keep this post updated.

Everything went smooth with the boost! Reached 2,2k with more than 170 games played as well. But it's not only this.. the communication via Skype, price and overall experience was great! I will order from these guys again for sure!!

shadowsong43;3423638 Wrote:Ordered a 2400 3v3 boost and after a few days they delivered! Great service, always vocal and kept me informed on the status. Great guys, would do business again! Thank you!  


Kanrethad;3424964 Wrote:My second time dealing with Arkantos! Another service completed flawlessly!

Ordered a 2.2k rating boost in 5s and it was completed without any problems in 3 consecutive nights!!

Excellent work! Recommended!

Lightxz;3425874 Wrote:Another deal with them ! It went smooth as usual anf they even offered me an extra boost ! A+++

kryx123;3427509 Wrote:Very good service, fast reliable and honest!

kryx123;3428832 Wrote:Another succesful deal

muffinx;3437252 Wrote:Boosted cap for me. Did it very well. Smooth service. Can recommend to everyone  Smile

Kanrethad;3440441 Wrote:Ordered a RBG rating boost from 1.7k to 2k. Everything went great as usual with Arkantos! The boost was completed within 3 days without any problems!

Third time working with these guys they are totally legit and with a fair price list!

Barkill2;3412161 Wrote:Bought Arena 3s 2,4k rating for my character, Really fast and smooth, good guys

Kumba_1o;1410061 Wrote:Ordered a 2k from 1400cr in 3s, Boost was completed in one day. Recommended this guys!!!! 8-)

Lightxz;3445758 Wrote:Another deal with this guy. Still the best ! I do recommend him A+

Kapowx;3448607 Wrote:Was a bit sceptical sending money as most of the reviews are fake or 1 post wonders...
Had a few hiccups but can confirm this guy is legit, bought 2k rating and was done within 3 days of ordering.
Very nice guy to talk to as well

pranxterkid;3449863 Wrote:Arkantos Boosting are legit, reliable and fast. When I need something I always come to them first because I know they have the best prices.
Keep it up Arkantos, great service all the way. Got me 2.2k in 5s in a few days, awesome!

MrEvilMix;3452546 Wrote:bought 3v3 boost on US.

done in less than 2 days. good service!

poly229;3452546 Wrote:bought 3v3 boost on US.

done in less than 2 days. good service!

chakshed;3453300 Wrote:Purchased from theese guys 3 times in WOD season3. Pretty satisfying always on their time ( Maximum 3 hours after my purchase) for high rating boosts. Keep it up arkantos and guys hope you continue in Legion Wink

chakshed;3453300 Wrote:Good work , Good work Smile

Skillushka;3412322 Wrote:Good Serivce , get my 2,2k in 2s fast enough. thx

nfx;3596586 Wrote:I ordered full gear in wod season 3. Fast and good !! srsly i had green level gear... they didnt care.
Arkantos is one of the better services, they dont want to rip you off or something. They care about the customers.

MrEvilMix;3616506 Wrote:100-110 on US. Took two days, all items kept, made about 25k~.

Thanks again!

aemaut;3644325 Wrote:orderd 3v3 2400 rating today so far so good Smile

aemaut;3645454 Wrote:Great service 0-2400 3on3 in 3 days, stream was always available! Good price, fast, nice contact! Absolutley recommendation!!!

Lbniese;3652826 Wrote:Cheap and fast boosters Smile Very recommended

Edaction;3656704 Wrote:Get another order from this guy, 2,2k RBG take around 4days. Thanks +++

paladinek;3663691 Wrote:Great service, pushed rating while playing my own character, also learned something along the way,.I highly recommend this seller, cheap prices, fast processing 10/10 service.

Bhalor;3677027 Wrote:3v3 rating boost done 

Very professionnal, nice contact, so skilled boosters.
Fair and cheap
Highly recommend

10sojs;3684109 Wrote:Contacting you

Edit: everything went well. got my rating 2000 done. will order again Smile

xWeezyxVyral;3685852 Wrote:Ordered a 2k boost and a 2200 boost there was a huge delay on the 2200 but he still managed to get it done. Trustworthy++

wildbrain;3702351 Wrote:Ordered the 2k arena boost for 3's and was complete within 8 hours! Would recommend to anyone!

TycheBoxing;36249452 Wrote:VERY HIGH QUALITY SERVICE!

I ordered a 2k rating boost, and they've given me excellent and quick service.
Fast communication, very friendly and has helped me with a lot of questions I had, even after the boost was done. 
Would deffo recommend them if you are looking for a boost. 
I'll order from these guys again when I need it. 
Very good and high quality.

Uncle_Touchy;36212352 Wrote:I've ordered a 2400 3v3 boost. Communication was good. There were a few hiccups along the way and the boost took a bit longer than anticipated, but it had nothing to do with Arkantosboost and their guys. If it wasn't for that, they could have done it in 2 days or less, judging by how long it took to actually climb the ladder.

Highly recommended over any other people that provide the same services .

Cadsby;3712217 Wrote:Artemarkantos was fast, reliable, and professional with his or her services.  Helped a very under geared player achieve their goals within a short time period and made streaming available for others to watch. Very trust worthy and would definately recommend their services! A+

Fayewow;3773065 Wrote:Just purchased a WoW arena boost. Very smooth transaction and the representative was polite and patient with my questions. Very fast service and the boost, from 1.6 to 2k in 3's was completed within two hours of the purchase. Vouch and would recommend! Thank you Smile

linkman;3836176 Wrote:Get my boost 0cr to 2k in one day, easy and legit, for sure next season have a infinite client!

Aurina;3872240 Wrote:I ordered 2 boosts for the end of the season, a very busy time.

I was given a price quote on saturday, boosters found sunday, and boost started late monday. Time estimate: 4-6 days.

After 30 hours, the two characters are sitting at 1900 and 1800 rating, to be continued over the next few days. 

So far very happy with their service, I look forward to completion and to be a returning customer in BFA. Will update when the boost is done.


Boost finished late friday. Boosters played when I wasn't using the account, that fit perfectly. On top of that, they kept my actionbars/keybinds, actually the characters, the way I left them, just now with higher rating.

10/10, recommend to anyone looking for skillful, fast boosters. 


Cadsby;3872341 Wrote:Very helpful and fast A+
Hello everyone. I want to inform you, that we have lowered the prices for some services
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