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Do You Know the Cheating and Scamming in PoE
Most online RPGs have both good aspects and bad aspects. When they're actually engaging and bringing value to honest and good players, they also attract players who may have bad intentions of mind towards the community. Certainly, developers are aware of this and do what they can to control undesirable acts such as cheating and scamming that break the fun in Path of Exile, and also players themselves should watch out.

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are eternal problems in the game, especially when it comes to buy PoE items. Whenever somebody starts cheating in PoE, it's difficult to stop due to being able to accomplish things more easily. As for scamming, anyone who has been scammed will enter into a crossroad, where they question their commitment to PoE and perhaps consider trying it once as there seems to be no better way to improve through "fair" means. So it is easy to see why most players would like to choose a reliable poe items seller without getting scammed.

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