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《《? Deluxe server custom 335 Level 80》》
《《《《《《《《《《▶ ️》》》》》》》》》》》
Server with great personalized content and lots of fun, working daily adding missions, items for updating and much more!

Staff trained to solve any inconvenience.


Server features
1 character per account.
Instant level 80 and 8 Brands to buy The Set 2.

⚫ Community in English and Latin.
⚫ Instance level 70
⚫ Welcome Mission
⚫ Custom level 80 Mission!
⚫ Mission Custom Set level 2.
⚫ Mission Buffs Arathi Custom
⚫ Mission Stellar Bags II
With 4 starter bags 36 spaces.
Custom items of transfigurable area
⚔ City battle PvP (Conquest)
⚔ Custom area Duels.
⚔ Battle Zone
⚔ DurnHolde PvE Custom Bosses area.
⚔ arathi basin Custom PvE zone

Custom armor for battlefield.
to update items!
Jewels to update the item! lv.1> lv.5
Custom weapons lv.1> lv.4

? custom damage 5000-7000.
Npc Teleporter
Npc Transfigurator
Hearthstone Teleporter
Custom Shop Alliance and Horde.

Custom patch (size 20mb)

VIP info.
?VIP Level%
?VIP Rate drop%
?VIP Rate Talent%
?VIP Rate Professions%
?VIP Reputation Rate%
?VIP Items equipment

? Website Register: * http://deluxe-wow.com/
▶ ️ set realmlist logon.deluxe-wow.com

[Image: Wo-WScrn-Shot-040818-164517.jpg]
[Image: Wo-WScrn-Shot-021118-041605.jpg]
[Image: Wo-WScrn-Shot-071018-180044.jpg]

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