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Court of Stars Exploration + Trash Skip
Hey All,

In Court of Stars, once inside the instance, you're locked into a pre-determined area -- all other areas are walled off / inaccessible.

However, with a character that has Blink, it's very easy to get outside of this area by simply blinking into the portal where you just entered the instance.

To illustrate:
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Once you're outside of the pre-determined track, you can go ANYWHERE in broken isles without zoning out of the instance.
I actually made it all the way to Azsuna before I accidentally fell to my death (and was ported to Westfal because there was no graveyard attached to the zone).

One actually useful use of this is, if you somehow manage to get an M+ group that all has blink / druid blink / swapblaster (maybe?) you could skip everything up until the first boss.

Proof that this trash skip works: 
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In the screenshot it took about a minute to walk all the way from the entrance to a one-way-wall that's next to where the first boss patrols.

Only tested with mage.

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