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[Compilation] All the Stuff You Need For Speed Leveling in Battle for Azeroth
So in preparation for BfA, I am as i usualy do for a new expansion, preparing everything i can to speed my the leveling process. While i do realize some people want to enjoy the leveling and take their time, I want to race to 120 ASAP.

The point of this post is in part to share what tricks I personally have up my sleeve, but also to hear what you guys have and potentialy add something to my list Smile

While some of theese are super obvious, Im putting it all in.

Speed Increasers

Falling Flame - combined with Goblin Glider, you can fly with 1400% speed - Insane for no fly zones.
Goblin Gliders - Obviously amazing, especially in bad terrain.
Darkmoon Cannon - Good for getting across canyons or up somewhere instead of taking a detour
Checkered Flag - 30% mount speed for 10 minutes
Draenic Swiftness Potion - 200% swim speed for 20 seconds
Skystep Potion - 150% run speed 8 sec
Felslate Anchor - if you need to dive down to a cave or something, this takes you down super fast
Leystone Buoy - Getting back up from deeper water
X-52 Rocket Helm - Shoots you up high in the air, can be combined with glider to not have to walk around objects etc, or getting up to annoying places/treasures.
Cracker Radinax Control Gem / Oddly-Shaped Horn / Tuft of Yak Fur - 20 sec super fast ground mount, like 3x mount speed.
Gunshoes - Engineering item, instant use, 3 min cd, faster than mount speed movement and no cast time.
Enchants - 100 Mastery + 2% run speed enchant on cloak
Rocket Boots Xtreme - running fast in caves etc, requires equipping though


Carefully Hidden Muffin - Instant food buff
Sugar-Crusted Fish Feast - 1 sec to apply food buff + super health regen.
Fighter Chow - 400% Out Of Combat regeneration
Bear Tartare - Speed increase on kills
Crispy Bacon - Prolongs your food buff if you arent a muppet that dies =D
Potion of Prolonged Power / Old War etc
Tome of the Tranquil Mind - Might be handy if you encounter something hard
Drums of the Mountain


Battle Standard of Coordination 15/10/5% Versions - Gives 15% experience gain from kills within 100 yards, or 10% or 5% depending on which you use. They dont share CD so you can chain them. Use whenever you reach an area you will kill shit in.
Deployable Bullet Dispenser - Extra damage
Gunpack - Shoots you up in the air in small bursts - Situationally helpfull
Swapblaster - If you level in a grp, you can swap people to places that arent easy to get. Thus saving time by you getting to the place while they do something else.
Ultimate Gnomish Army Knife - Cause who isnt an Engineer!


Obviously high ilvl helps, but there are many things to concider. I'm a 973 Rogue, but my set bonuses dont do much for leveling content, so i will equip the best slots i have, disregarding the tier bonuses.

Stat optimization
BiS stats for leveling and BiS stats for raiding are very different. For instance as Assassination Rogue, Mastery is king. But for leveling with high gear, your poisons wont have that much time to shine, so i will go for crit/vers. Figure out whats best for you. Eye of Command for instance might be great for your class, but it wont stack up for shit in questing content.

With BfA comes new talents, go with whats best for leveling.

BiS legendaries for raiding vs BiS for leveling. Is sephuz garbage for you raidingwise? perhaps. But 10% movement speed constantly + the proc effect ? /drool
Crafted Legendaries often have movement effects, for instance the leather boots give 5% increased movement speed per mob kill for 1 min, stacking 5 times. 25% movement speed. This goes even higher out of combat. Look at your Legendaries and figure it out.

TellMeWhen I suggest a  addon to show when you have drums/pots etc available for use, so you dont forget to use them.
Autovendor - Sells garbage and auto repairs - Keep inventory clean!
Autohandin - Any kind of addon that handles quest texts and handins for you
CinematicCanceller - cancels cinematics, watch them on alts later!
Handynotes - Keep track of treasures and rares near you
Obviously playing on Beta will do alot for the speed. Learning the zones and quests, figuring out a path. Remember legendary effects go away at 116, so hardest zones first Smile

Let me know if you have anything to add!

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