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Cataclysm Coldridge Valley - Secret Scenario
Interesting hidden scenario available in retail WoW. To access it, (must be level 85 or higher):

  1. Open your Group Finder to where you would queue up for a random dungeon.
  2. Enter the following chat command:
/click GroupFinderFrameGroupButton2

You should now see the following screen:

[Image: 7S7eBCW.png]

Click the Join button, and you will instantly be accepted into a very strange instance of Coldridge Valley, near Ironforge.

Fun uses for this are:
  • Instantly rezing at the location of your death when out in the world (at full health / mana). Simply don't release spirit, and Q up for this / leave. It always instantly pops.
  • Get out of PvP combat instantly. If you are getting ganked (or doing the ganking and getting overrun) Q up, and dip out instantly.
This is also powerful as alliance as you can interact with the trainers to port you to proving grounds, allowing you reset your CDs basically on-demand, without having to skirmish q / worry about deserter etc. 

I'm curious to see what else people come up with using this as well. The scenario is quite buggy but relogging and or disconnecting and reconnecting seems to open up some mechanics and other features.
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