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Can You Find the Reliable and Effective Marauder Skills Build in PoE
If you have been tired of casting spells to eliminate your enemies, or maybe shooting them down from afar, even though relying on your Dodge Rate to wade through enemies in Path of Exile, you can try out this basic
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. There’s nothing more satisfying than assaulting head-on to mobs or enemies and whack them with your PoE Items to oblivion, one certain magic PoE Currency sometimes brings unexpected effect to you, especially the high value Exalted Orb.

Skills needed:

Active Skills
Mob clearing with Ground Slam
Mob clearing Sweep, as a second AoE for cool down issues or can function as your alternative AoE
Boss fights with Heavy Strike
All Skills above are best coupled with Support Skills that have Life Gain, ups to Fire Damage and Melee Damage

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