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Burning Crusade Private Server Felmyst Launching on 21 July
Gummy's TBC server Felmyst is launching on 21 July 2017 and rest assured you can expect quality scripting.
The guy has accumulated a lot of reputation over the year by contributing and delivering quality WoW servers and raid scripting.

The server is a 1x rated part-Blizzlike with some of the content being pre-nerf status for added difficulty.
Although keep in mind the server is hosted in the US, so it might not last long if you want a carefree playtime I highly recommend Warmane.

You can check user survey for interest on this server here.

Official site and news for the server: https://www.felmyst.com/

You can check our thread for Must have Addons for TBC 2.4.3 Private servers

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