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Blacksmithing Khorium Ore Secret Farming Guide [With Video]
Khorium Ore is the rarest ore in wow, sitting at an average price of 1k per ore, significantly more than anything else.

Mining Khorium in a conventional manner can be very challenging: there are many stories of people farming for hours and not finding a single node. This is because Khorium doesn't spawn in its own right, it occasionally appears where an adamntite or fel iron node would spawn normally.

I wanted to share a few methods I use to mine khorium much faster than normal. The first is to find it in BC dungeons. In the Auchindoun dungeons, there's generally an adamantite spawn close to the entrance-you can simply check to see if a khorium node has spawned, and exit and reset the instance if it hasn't. This is generally a lot faster than farming khorium in-world-it has also had no competition. The downside, of course, is that you get instance lockout-but personally I love being able to log-in on for only a few minutes and get a decent shot at around 2k's worth of khorium and other stuff.

The second method is a variant on the old cross-realm trick. Roll multiple class trials. Put the trials in an area with a cluster of ore spawns that could produce khorium. Check it every so often. If a khorium node spawns form a custom group and sends your mining toon. Again, low-effort, high reward with the downside you can't do it for long periods. Also, make sure you choose a dead realm for your trial toon or the khorium will likely get pilfered while your mining toon is making their way to the node.

Final method I use is to farm the Isle Of Quel'Danas. This has a very high concentration of nodes in a localized area: however, this is partly because you can't fly there. You can circumvent this restriction with items such as fel meteor, the cracked radinax control gem and the engineering item gunshoes.

Another trick I use here is to commit suicide having farmed the northeast of the island there are no nodes to farm on the northwest as you make your way back. Put down a level 1 cooking fire and drink some pinchwhistle nitro fuel and it will kill your character in a few seconds, allowing you to instantly spawn back at the central quest hub of the island (unequip gear to avoid repair costs).

For those who prefer to see how these methods work in-game here's a link to a short video: 


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