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BfA and Profession Choice: Which Gathering Profession is the Best
This thread will contain all relevant information we know so far about Battle for Azeroth and Profession system. The thread will be in short points and not a long drawn out article like other WoW news sites which are a pain to read.

Here are the points to consider before choosing a profession in BfA:
  • Tailoring is now also a gathering profession. Cloths used to be only droppable to tailors in the early Beta build, but they changed it to be a drop for everyone with a much much lower drop rate. This is extremely imbalanced as you're getting the benefits of a gathering and crafting profession just by choosing Tailoring.
  • Mining/Herb is a great profession combo to start. You can always switch to Skinning, later on, and power leveling Skinning is much easier than anything else.
  • You don't need to level any gathering profession to 800 if you don't care about gold, but if you do there are a lot of benefits of pre-legion ores, specifically ghost iron and saronite.
  • A lot of high ilvl craftable gear for LW, BS, Engineering, JC, and Tailoring are BoP gear. This can reduce the value of crafting professions, but lazy people will still buy the BoE craftable gear for sale.
  • Mining is used in more crafting professions now.
  • BfA special cooking recipes only drop to Skinning gathering profession. This is Blizzard's response to offset the dominance of mining/herbalism combo that gold makers/serious crafters choose at the start of every expansion. There is a conflict on this and is yet to be confirmed.
  • Powerlevelers also choose herb/mining as they even grant XP and since you now have instanced nodes and don't have to fight for the spawns, this is a great combo to start.

WIll update this as I find out more info from the Beta.

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