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BfA Mythic + Dungeons Ranking By Difficulty [Easiest to Hardest]
This list is based on my opinion, I have a raider.io rating of 1266 on a healer while the rank 1 healer in the world has 1465. Obviously based on affixes the rankings can change, but the easiest dungeons will remain easiest no matter what affixes you have to deal with each month.

So, here's the list, sorted by easiest to the hardest.

1. Atal'Dazar

The easiest and the fastest Mythic + dungeon you can complete. If you only have the time to run one mythic + a weel in order to get your weekly done, do this one. The dungeon is very flexible with what path you can take and which pack you can skip. 

2. Freehold

Another easy to complete Mythic + dungeon, the instance is very open allowing your group to kite. Bosses are also super easy to kill. You can also skip quite a few trash packs.


This can be easy with a good AoE DPS group and can be a nightmare if your group is lacking in that department. Make sure to prioritize inviting classes with good cleave for this. A fair bit of trash packs can be skipped in this dungeon by hugging the walls. Bosses are somewhat easy if you know the mechanics.

4. Shrine of the Storm

From now on the dungeons get a bit harder, Shrine is an interrupt and positioning check instance. The last boss can be constant wipe fiesta if your healer cannot DPS when the group gets split. 

[b]5. Waycrest Manor 

Thrash are of moderate difficulty, the packed rooms mean you can't kite much. Bosses have unique mechanics which are easy to deal with once you run them enough times.

6. The Underrot

Hard, unskippable and annoying thrash. Interrupt check dungeon. You will need to assign interrupt order to have a stress free run. This dungeon is also pretty taxing on the healers and they will need to heal through mechanics.

7. Tol Dagor

This instance has fairly easy thrash, but the bosses are a beast in itself. The dungeon is a nightmare during the boss buffing affixes weeks. The last boss requires each member of the party to be on top of the game in terms of positioning and awareness. 

8. Siege of Boralus

The mobs are fairly hard in this dungeon, but you have some space to kite and cc. Each boss has a unique mechanic so, knowledge of fight is important before attempting.

9. Temple of Sethraliss

A good healer can make or break your run, the last fight is dependent on the healer and if you don't have a good one, you'll never be able to complete the instance for the loot. There are also a few irritating things like the electric field which can be annoying to a few and orb run which requires a co-ordinated group. Thrash in the dungeon are also melee DPS killers because they cleave for a ton.

10. King’s Rest

A combination of hard and annoying mobs combined with hard bosses makes this a tough dungeon in general. No matter what affixes are active in the current week, it will only increase the difficulty of this dungeon.

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