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BfA Addon to maximize Personal Loot gearing up in LFR/Mythic Dungeons
For BfA this addon will show it's true magic once LFR is released, but this works even now in Dungeons. The info below was for legion and should apply for bfa lfr releases as well.

This is a pretty good addon, one which I've used since Mythic Dungeons released.

What it does is, scans your gear and gear of your party/raid members, then when you loot the boss it will show you in chat the names of all party/raid members who have received gear that is not an upgrade for them, but it is an upgrade for you.
You can just whisper them if they want to trade that item, most of the times they are happy to give it away, except if they are enchanters in which case try to check if they are from your server and bribe them with some gold!

This addon is a godsend if you are really under geared or just levelled an alt, the number of items that pops up in chat which are an upgrade for you but not your raid members after an LFR boss kill is incredible. This also works in Mythic dungeons, but there are only 4 other guys and the probability of them being same armour type wearers + upgrade is smaller, but if there is an upgrade it will notify you automatically and you don't have to keep inspecting your party members after boss kills, the addon does this for you.

More info from their curse page:

If you are in a group that uses the personal loot method and anyone in the group receives an item that is not an upgrade for them (that is, if they receive an item with equal or lower ilvl to the gear they already have equipped), then this addon will evaluate the gear others in your group are wearing to determine if anyone can use the item as an upgrade!


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