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Best Methods for Farming Gold in Vanilla/Classic WoW [Fresh Character]
So here are some of the top tips shared by different Vanilla/Classic server players from private servers on their top methods to farm gold.

[*] If you're leveling a Rogue, pickpocketing can be very lucrative early on. As soon as you ding 40, get level 3 Stealth and do naked runs through Scarlet Monastery Armory. Pickpocket every mob in the place, you will sometimes get lockboxes to pick open. Sometimes those lockboxes will contain a junk item called Rogue's Diary that vendor for 43s each. Once in a while, you'll get a blue dagger that auctions for 10-15g. A full run of the Armory will average 3-6 of those diaries and you can do five runs per hour.

[*] At 60, if you take Enchanting as a profession, you can run through Zul Farrak to Antusul, kill him, DE the blue drop and get a Large Radiant Shard, which usually sells for around 5-10g apiece depending on the server. Once you get the route down and know the exact spots you have to stealth, you can run through most of it at normal speed. Five runs in 25-30 minutes are doable in dungeon blues.

[*] You can take skinning, skin everything and sell the skins to a vendor or on the AH. Probably on a fresh server, the AH would not have high demand or prices for low-level leathers. All blue items which not needed put in ah, early on it won't be worth a lot, but you can still make some + money, then selling it to a vendor.

[*] Buy the underpriced items on the AH and vendor it. Back on Nost, I was vendoring thousands (not an exaggeration) of items every day. It's not much, but when you can buy 2500 pieces of silk, and all of them are under vendor value, it adds up. I had money for mounts by the time I hit level 25.

[*] Some things can be crafted to make their vendor value go up. For instance, linen cloth gets 13c at the vendor, but if you are a tailor, you can pay up to 28c for it, and craft linen bags, which can then be vendored for profit. If you can buy linen at 13c you can more than double your money crafting bags and vendoring them.

[*] The biggest factor is how much you save by skipping buying useless skills. Most professions are money pits during the leveling phase, so skip crafting ones until you are 60 or have a steady income.

[*] When I was on Kronos I could sell stacks of fire water for over 10 gold and I had my epic mount in no time. Also, grave moss had a lot of money in it. Elemental fires also help because of their use in potions so killing the level 30 some mobs in Arathi can do you good. Of course, if your server has a bad economy I don't know what to tell you. When I was on rebirth I just ground to exalted with the timbermaw and since the firewater couldn't sell on a server like that I just sold the grey drops and would usually get like 5 gold after filling one of my bags with the armor they drop.

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I made all the gold I needed for a mount at level 40 as a mage by going to Kargath and selling ports for 1g each. This would depend on how new the server is, because you're only selling them to 60s.

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