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Best Farming Class For Legion
Most of you might have the burning question of which class will be the best farming class for legion and I have made this thread to address this question. For the most of Draenor, Balance Druid were the kings when it came to farming anything, starfall was the best AOE spell but it recently got changed, it no longer hits every mob in 40 years range but it is a targeted spell like Warlock's Rain of fire.

After much testing of every DPS spec in Beta right now here are my observations.

Best class for farming old instances (AQ, Diremaul, Zul'Farrak etc): Druid (Feral/Balance)
Reason: While AOE spells got nerfed, instance farming is all about speed and pulling. For pulling Soothe on Feral and Faerie Swarm  on Balance in travel form it in unarguably the best when it comes to constantly pulling these low level mobs. Add to it the new spell Dreamwalk which allows us to go to Moonglade, Hinterlands, Duskwood, Nordrassil, Feralas, and Grizzly Hills from there resetting dungeons is also quite handy.

Best class for AOE open world farming: Beast Mastery Hunter
Reason: First is that barrage spell is really good at pulling and damaging everything, combine it with multi shot makes hunters very good. You also have speed boost with aspect and posthaste. You can also send your pet to pull, tank and fetch loot, yes FETCH no more having withdrawal symptoms after Findle's Loot-a-rang not being available.

These are my observations, what about you guys?

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