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AuroraCouncil - Vanilla WoW Loot Overview and Distribution Addon
Note: This Addon is exclusively for World of Warcraft Version 1.12.1 aka Vanilla Servers for now.

AuroraCouncil is a plugin to ease the Job of the Loot Master / Council to decide who to distribute loot to.
If your guild/raid is using any form of points/council loot system AuroraCouncil might be for you.

  • Fully customizable loot options (like: Need/Greed/Pass ... or BiS/Need/Offspec/Pass).
  • Overview about who needs an item and why (Visible for everyone).
  • Info about the currently equipped gear in the relevant slot.
  • Loot distribution integrated, no need to use the default blizzard loot master selection.
  • More stuff in the future!
The current version is "0.3" - this will be the last version before the official "1.0" - Some Quality of Life stuff is still missing (And there's probably someone who will find a new bug that needs fixing ;( ).

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